Near-Liberation of Mariupol, Donbass

Mariupol is Donetsk’s second largest city.

It’s a strategic Sea of Azov port city, as well as home to one of Europe’s largest iron and steel plants, the 

Azovstal Iron & Steel Works.

When restored to its pre-2014 state before occupied and ravaged by Nazified thugs, Mariupol will once again become a key central European industrial hub.

According to Russia’s Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov:

Mariupol is “98% liberated.”

Remaining Nazi fighters are largely holed up in the Azovstal plant, what they “converted into a real fortress.”

In Mariupol, the Kharkov region and elsewhere in Ukraine, they’re responsible for “violence to life and person against Russian servicemen by inflicting multiple bodily injuries on them,” according to Moscow’s Investigative Committee.

Elements responsible will be identified, hunted down, ferreted out, rounded up, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned longterm.

Since February, Russia opened criminal cases against 146 Ukrainian military thugs, many more expected ahead.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “Mariupol (will) liberated (entirely) from nationalistic battalions” in the coming days or sooner.

Testimonies from city residents accused Azov neo-Nazis of terrorizing and killing civilians, as well as holding them hostage as human shields.

According to head of Russia’s National Center for Defense Management, General Mikhail Mizintsev:

“Neo-Nazi gangs (conducted) looting sprees in (Mariupol) residential areas, robbing local residents of their remaining food, clothes and valuables.”

“Those who resisted in any form were gunned down on the spot.”

Peskov said Russian forces continue to “render assistance (to city) residents.”

They’re “in peril when trying to leave…because (when spotted) they are simply shot in the back.”

“These facts have been corroborated by a large number of first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses.”

When evacuated to safety by Russian forces, city residents express thanks for freeing them from captivity at the hands of (US/Western supported) Nazis.

Throughout Russia’s campaign, US/Western media sank to an unparalleled low in fake news/mass deception misreporting.

According to NYY rubbish:

“In Mariupol, Russia is using hunger as a weapon of war (sic). 

“Residents described how they are surviving a monthlong siege of the southern port with little food and other necessities (sic).”

The above applies to residents held by Nazified fighters, clearly not ones liberated by Russia.

“Fears grow of Mariupol’s fall to Russia (sic),” the Times falsely claimed.

What it called remaining “Ukrainian forces” in the city, it failed to identify as neo-Nazi thugs.

Citing fake news by Kiev officials, WaPo falsely “accused Russian forces of violating ceasefires meant to allow safe passage through humanitarian corridors” from Mariupol and other cities (sic).

Like other MSM, it failed to explain that corridors were established and are protected by Russia.

Ukrainian forces bear full responsibility for ceasefire violations.

WSJ fake news falsely accused Russian forces of “shell(ing) the exit route” from Mariupol (sic).

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) falsely accused Russia of “bombard(ing) Mariupol (sic).”

According to CNN rubbish, “Mariupol evacuation corridors (are) in the hands of (Russian) occupiers (sic),” adding:

Kiev said “Russian forces prevented humanitarian convoys from safely approaching or exiting the city (sic).”

According to BBC fake news, Russian forces “forcibly relocat(ed) thousands of civilians from Mariupol” to its own territory (sic).

And this fake news London Guardian headline:

“Escape from Mariupol: (Dmitry Yurin) swam to safety from Russian terror (sic).”

Mass deception followed, saying:

“Moscow…kidnapp(ed) thousands of Mariupol residents, including children (sic).” 

“They were forcibly taken from city hospital number four to Russia (sic).” 

“Video on Thursday appeared to show soldiers deporting doctors and patients at gunpoint from a city hospital (sic).”

And this rubbish from the Times of Israel:

“The new Auschwitz: Russians accused of burning bodies to hide Mariupol atrocities (sic).”

“Officials say mobile crematoria and heavy machinery being brought into city to remove thousands of dead, rubble, as mayor claims stark parallel with infamous holocaust death camp (sic).”

Followers of MSM reporting are mind-manipulated/brainwashed know-nothings.

It’s perhaps the worst I ever recall.

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