Climate Change Hysteria: The Un Who Cried Wolf

climate action protest

climate action protest

It’s the end of the world, according to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This can all be reversed, though.

The world can still band together and keep the Earth from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius before greenhouse gas emissions peak in 2025. They call it “now or never” … except we’ve heard this same song and dance before. [bold, links added]

Climate activists in the UN have been predicting disaster since 1972. It’s déjà vu. We have a few years. Then a few years go by, and the world keeps on turning.

The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles has famously been claiming that the next 18 months will determine the ability of humanity to survive climate change.

He has been saying this since at least 2008. Prince Charles is so convinced of his stance that he even tried to talk former President Donald Trump into his delusion.

The climate alarmists are going on 50 years now playing on the human fears of impending doom.

Each time, the motivation for their decelerating an apocalyptic end seems to incline more and more toward enriching the pocketbooks of the elites and leading to policies that overall hurt everyone else.

These policies and restrictions range from poor forestry maintenance in California, which led to their horrendous wildfires; the current administration’s reluctance to produce our own oil and gas; adding ethanol in gas, and junking up lawnmowers and other yard tools.

Climate conspiracists have to keep up this charade, but after a while, they start to sound like the boy who cried wolf.

With each failed prediction, with each call for more money to be thrown at environmental projects, and with each terrible policy, it becomes increasingly obvious that this is a racket.

But they’re banking on the fact that the general public is not willing to risk one of their predictions coming true.

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