Russia Clams US-Dominated West

At a Security Council session on Monday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, responded to what he called US/Western “twisting and besmirching the goals of Russia’s special military operation” in Ukraine, adding:

Inconvenient “facts” on the ground are ignored.

“(F)akes and propaganda” replaced them, evidence never presented to corroborate phony accusations about Russia’s operation.

Its goal and strict adherence to the rule of law are ignored.

“Recently, the Western and Ukrainian fake factory stepped up to a new level (of) fabrications and stagings in the best traditions of notorious” made-in-the-USA/UK white helmets.

The US-orchestrated/Kiev implemented Buch false flag remains “on everyone’s lips” in the West — Russia wrongfully blamed for what it indisputably had nothing to do with.

Then came Kramatorsk, a follow-up false flag — Russia wrongfully blamed again for a Kiev missile attack, what killed and injured scores of civilians.

Dark forces behind it neglected to check that the Soviet era Tochka-U missile is used by Ukraine’s military, not Russian or Donbass forces.

Case closed! Or it should be! 

Polyansky also explained that “photos let us easily identify the number of the Tochka-U, and say that it belonged to ‘Ш915’ series.”

“Missiles of the same series were used on many occasions to shell peaceful cities of Donbass.” 

“There are debris of those missiles displaying corresponding serial numbers.”

“19th Missile Brigade of Ukrainian armed forces used same type of projectile in their air strike against the Donetsk city center, which killed 21 residents on the spot and wounded 36 more.”

“Western media still present the appalling video footage of this shelling as bombardment of Kiev” — what Russian forces never engaged in.

Russia informed the UN of the following planned US/Western provocations to be falsely blamed on Russia:

“Staged filming of the search and opening of mass graves in Ragovka settlement of Kiev region.”

MSM “reporters arrived at the town of Kremyannaya.” 

“Their goal is to film a provocation organized by Ukrainian armed forces.”

“This time it should be about Russian troops allegedly shooting at ambulances that transport patients.”

“In Bilogorovka, neo-Nazis mined chlorine tanks at a water supply plant, which they plan to blow up when LPR militia formations approach the town.”

“In Irpen (Kiev region), a Bucha/Nemmersdorf-style provocation is taking place.” 

“Members of Ukraine’s Security Service plan to take bodies of civilians who were killed by an artillery bombardment from the morgue of the town hospital in Polevaya Street to a basement of one of the buildings in eastern outskirts of the town.” 

“Then a staged action with shooting and ‘destruction’ of an alleged ‘Russian reconnaissance group’ that arrived in Irpen ‘to kill witnesses of Russian war crimes’ will be staged by the Security Service of Ukraine in Puscha-Voditskii forest area.” 

“At the same time, bodies of captured Russian servicemen previously killed by nationalists under torture will be presented as ‘undeniable evidence.’ ” 

“We wait for Western media to circulate video footage of this staged campaign.”

“As recently as today, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that representatives of Ukrainian and Western media were invited to Seredina Buda town in Sumy region, which was formerly under the control of Russian troops, to conduct staged video footage.”

“In Nizhnyaya Syrovatka near Sumy, bodies are being dragged into one of the basements of residential buildings.” 

“This story about ‘another victim’ of Russian troops is directed by (BoJo regime) ‘filmmakers.’ ” 

“Russian troops withdrew from the town three weeks ago.” 

“We receive these reports from local residents who remain on the ground and are not indifferent to the goals of the” special military operation.

Another false flag is planned in Odessa, Polyansky stressing:

“(D)o not say we did not warn you” about what’s planned” — about continuing to falsely blame Russia for what its forces will have nothing to do with.

They’ve gone all-out to protect civilian lives in Ukraine.

US-Western supported Nazi thugs brutalize them.

At the hands of a Natzified Azoz battalion in Mariupol, “a dismembered dead body of a woman (was found), hands severed off, face disfigured, a swastika sign branded onto her belly.” 

“Ukraine and the West attempt(ed) to present this terrifying photo evidence, which has already been published, as evidence of crimes committed by Russians.”

Numerous other hideous crimes were discovered.

It clearly shows why Russia’s operation was badly needed. There was no other sensible option.

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