“Historic Blizzard” Pounds Northern Plains With Feet Of Snow

While it’s not entirely unusual for the Northern Plains to observe a snowstorm this late in the season, it’s the intensity of the latest storm, which is battering parts of North Dakota and eastern Montana today, that is truly “historic,” according to the National Weather Service (NWS). 

NWS said a “historic blizzard” has begun to impact the Northern Plains on Wednesday and will continue through Thursday. Heavy snow and strong winds will produce whiteout conditions. Travel across parts of eastern Montana and western and central North Dakota will be severely impacted. The regional snowfall total estimates could be as much as three feet. 

What’s concerning is the Northern Great Plains is an integral part of the nation’s food supply, with vasts land devoted to crops and livestock. NWS warns, “significant impacts to livestock are possible.” As the growing season begins, the snow could delay plantings or disrupt what was already planted. This all comes as global food prices are at a record high and supply chains are still mangled. 

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