Ukraine Update by Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following:

“For eight years (since the Obama/Biden regime’s Maidan coup in Kiev), we have been witnessing Kiev’s war crimes and the West’s (complicity) to the tragedy in Donbass.” 

“In September 2014 and February 2015 (respectively, the Kiev regime) signed the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements following a military defeat at the hands of DPR and LPR forces.” 

“Our (diplomatic) attempts to make Kiev abide by these obligations failed.”

Notably it’s because hegemon USA-dominated NATO wants a permanent state of proxy war waged on Russia.

After about 7 years of failed diplomatic outreach to Ukraine and its higher power in Washington, Russia launched its special military operation — its only option against the scourge of Nazi-infested central Europe along its borders.

In stark contrast to Russia’s campaign — showing great concern to avoid civilian casualties and target only military sites — Kiev forces “place(d) tanks and artillery in schools, kindergartens and hospitals,” MZ stressed. 

“Firing points (have been) set up in residences (to) use (civilians) as human shields.”

Made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flag attacks were staged in Bucha and Kramatorsk.

Russia was falsely blamed for the Kiev regime’s war crimes.

Moscow has evidence of more of the same planned.

Along with demonizing Russia unjustifiably, what’s going on and coming aim to divert attention from how its forces continue to batter, beat and greatly degrade Ukraine’s military.

US weapons supplied to its troops include “obsolete Soviet-made items which are much cheaper to give to Ukraine than to decommission,” MZ explained, adding:

“What frightening, cynical and criminal logic.” 

“Why should Western (regimes) waste their money if they can ‘package’ it and send it to Ukraine so that conflict never ends and casualties keep growing.”

Hegemon USA is Kiev’s main “donor of death” and destruction.

Britain, France, Germany and other NATO regimes share blame.

Supporting Nazi-infested Ukraine is a crime of war and against humanity.

It reflects how low the depraved “collective West” has sunk.

It’s further evidence of how US-dominated NATO operates as a killing machine at war on humanity at home and worldwide.

Leaders and officials of their regimes are unindicted war criminals.

MZ also explained indisputable evidence “of unlawful violence and humiliation of Russian POWs by Ukrainian militants.” 

“Western officials pretend not to notice numerous videos” online, showing evidence of brutal torture, bodily dismemberment and other abusive mistreatment.

MZ called the puppet Zelensky regime’s arrest of Ukraine’s leading opposition official, Viktor Medvedchuk, and offer to exchange him for Nazified POWs “dangerous,” cynical and disturbing, adding:

Peace talks (going nowhere) continue between Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

Knowing that Biden regime hardliners control all things Ukraine related to Russia and want no end to forever proxy war on the country, why does the Kremlin continue pursuing what accomplished nothing so far.

No matter how long talks continue, they were doomed to fail before begun.

If anything is nominally agreed to ahead, it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

US dirty hands won’t permit conflict resolution. Its dark forces prioritize perpetual war on invented enemies — Russia most of all at this time.

In response, MZ stressed the following:

“(N)o supplies of Western arms to Kiev, terrorist methods of warfare by Ukrainian armed units, intimidation, propaganda, fakes, disinformation or threats will interfere with carrying out the objectives and achieving the goals of the special military operation to free Donbass, demilitarize, deNazify Ukraine, and remove threats to Russia from its territory.”

Commenting on financial aid by EU regimes and Canada, MZ explained that it’s all about waging “economic war against Russia and disrupt(ing) global food supply chains.”

It has nothing to do with helping ordinary Ukrainians their ruling regimes don’t give a damn about, just the opposite.

US/Western sanctions war on Russia caused prices of energy, food and other commodities to soar.

Yet Moscow is falsely blamed for this crime against humanity.

In response to EU foreign policy chief Borrell’s call for a “military solution” in Ukraine, MZ said the following:

His disturbing remark shows that leading bloc regimes “renounced (their) lofty peace ideals that were laid down by the EU founding fathers.” 

“They wanted a new war in Europe to be ‘unthinkable and impossible.’ ”  

“Here comes (warmonger) Borrell and ruins everything.”

In cahoots with hegemon USA, the bloc transformed itself from a political to a “militarized…aggressive” extension of its war on humanity.

EU hypocrisy “has no limits.”

Its ruling regimes are aiding Nazi-infested Ukraine “kill people with impunity.”

“(F)inding a political solution (to conflict in Ukraine) disappeared from the EU vocabulary.”

It’s clear why.

“A political decision will interfere with (the bloc’s) main goal, which is to continue proxy war (on Russia) to the last Ukrainian.”

Its policy defies the public interest in its member states for “peace and stability, (along with wanting the scourge of) Nazism” confronted and eliminated.

On deployment of White Helmet terrorists to Ukraine by Western regimes, MZ stressed that this action will “lead to (further) provocations.”

Notably “staged productions…actions that are all too familiar.” 

Russia will be falsely “blamed…on a new level.”

“There is no doubt about it. They received instructions,” notably from the US and UK.

“Was there ever a time when US and UK (regimes) did not accuse us of anything?” 

Was there “a year when our country wasn’t (falsely) blamed for some thing or other?” 

“There was not a single (time) in the past 15 years.”

We’re “always (falsely) guilty of something but there is one small nuance.” 

Accusations are never “followed by proof” because none exists.

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