Czech children on camp, see UFO and beings

Location: Pelhrimov, near Prague, Czech Republic

Date: Summer 1991 Time: 22:00 x 23:00

Several children attending a summer camp near Prague reported that one evening they had gathered around a large campfire singing songs, playing guitar, and basically enjoying the last weekend before they were to head home the following day. Later that evening, the darkness around the camp suddenly changed, and the place was illuminated. Everybody was wondering what was going on, and the children as well as the camp leaders raised their heads to watch above and see where the lights came from. All the camp participants could then observe a large flying saucer silently crossing the night sky. In a similar way as spotlights the saucer emitted three beams of light that were shining over the whole camp. According to the witnesses around the saucer itself there was a huge glow making it look as blue as a clear day. While it hovered without moving above the camp it seems as if the beams searched the ground methodically. Shortly after chaos ensued among the children and adults the camp leaders immediately brought the children into their respective tents, and a curfew was immediately implemented allowing no one to leave or look outside their tents.

But some of the most curious children kept peeping out of the tents toward the night sky. The flying saucer had set in motion and moved closer to the nearby forest. There it stopped and hovered silently above some tall spruces. From the bottom of the saucer a large glowing sphere descended slowly towards the ground behind the trees. Shortly after a loud noise and a roaring sound was heard, and after some time had passed the saucer moved to hover above the forest again. Paradoxically, while a strict curfew had been implemented, the ban was only adhered to by the adults. A small group of girls, among them a young girl named Petra (who later related the story to her mom) decided to pretend to go to the restrooms so that they could escape from the tent to undertake an adventurous expedition. Their curiosity was great, and besides, the restroom facility was located right next to the forest. While heading back to the camp from their expedition, two of the girls suddenly froze. On the forest path leading to the camp stood three tall white figures, approximately two meters in height. To the girls these figures resembled tall people dressed in space suits. They were unable to see their faces since they wore something akin to modern-day space helmets. In a rather surprising manner, the group of girls and the three white suited figures gazed at each other. What followed appeared to have been some kind of mutual examination, and shortly after the white figures began to retreat. In a slow motion they turned around and headed back into the forest. The girls then ran all the way to their tents and informed the camp leaders about their experience. Apparently, the girls had not been the only ones who had observed the tall white figures. Other children had observed them as well. Some of the children had also observed a sphere ascending over the top of the trees before returning to the hovering saucer. Others saw the sphere enter the saucer through the bottom. The object then slowly moved away silently, and eventually the campers fell asleep.

The next morning when everybody woke up no one could believe what they had seen. The ashes from the big campfire were now scattered in the vicinity of the campfire. Stranger still, everything that was composed of wood, such as benches, had been chopped and demolished into small pieces. Even the axe that had been left outside had been chopped to pieces, only its metal part remained intact. Fortunately, the tents and cabins where the campers slept in had remained undamaged. After the morning cleaning routine, a group of the oldest children set off towards the place where the sphere or ball of light had appeared to previous night. The site was only a five-minute walk away. There they found what appeared to have been a “landing area” on a small clearing surrounded by tall trees. The group observed a circular depressed area in the center of the area. They estimated it to have been six meters in diameter and one meter in depth. The edge of the pit was cut very precisely. The area of forest ground had completely disappeared.

Figure 5. Drawing of object.

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