Conversation with 4-foot tall beings from Mars?

Location. Newark Valley New York

Date: April 24 1964 Time: 10:00 a.m.

Gary Wilcox, a dairy farmer, was a busy man. He owned a 300-acre farm on Davis Hollow Road, approx. 2.1 miles northeast from the Village of Newark Valley. He worked alone caring for 100 head of stock and milked some of his cows three times a day. After doing his morning chores, he proceeded to bring his daily ration of manure for his fields, many of which would soon be part of his spring plowing duties. As he approached a lower field above his house and barn, he saw a bright flash of light on the hill. The flashing was intermittent, like a mirror reflecting sunlight. Although there was an old abandoned icebox near the flashing light, Gary realized that the light wasn’t coming from that object and decided to investigate. When he was about 100 yards away, the flashing light turned into an egg-shaped object. At first, he thought that it was a wing tank from a fallen airplane. Wilcox shut off his tractor and walked the remaining 100 yards. When he came in close proximity of the object, this was the description given in the police report:

“The first thing I noticed was that it was off the ground, it was a little bigger than a car in length. It was an oblong shape something like an egg. There were no seams, rivets or anything like that. It was completely smooth. It was aluminum color. I touched the thing and the metal was harder than aluminum and it did not move. I don’t know whether it was on legs or hovering in the air. While (I was) feeling it there was no vibration or sound and it was not or anything. While I was touching it, two small men about 4ft high came out from under the tank object. I don’t know where they came from. Each of them was carrying a tray about a foot square. The tray looked like it was made of the same stuff the ship was made of. Inside the tray was what appeared to be sod. I was standing about a foot away from the ship.”

Wilcox was quite frightened. He also thought that this might be some kind of trick, perhaps a Candid Camera stunt, but he was able to communicate with them. One of the figures advanced to within five feet of Wilcox and said, “Don’t be alarmed. We have talked to people before. We are from what you know as the planet Mars”. Wilcox gave a very detailed description of the two figures:

“I could understand what was said but cannot tell whether they were speaking English or not. One of the men was standing in rear of the other. I could see that both of these 4-foot high men had arms and legs the same as us. I couldn’t tell whether they had feet or hands the same as us. They were quite broad for such short persons. I could not distinguish whether they had shoulders or not; they seemed to just go straight down. They had no face, such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth or hair. The voice seemed to be coming from about them rather than from them. There was a voice, but I don’t know where it was coming from insofar as their body was concerned. They seemed to have a sort of suit on that covered where the head would normally be located all the way down. When they raised their arms, you could see a wrinkle where our elbow would be located. The color of this completely smooth cover-all-type suit was whitish-aluminum-tint color. There was no evidence of hair. The only thing I noticed was the wrinkle when they moved their arms at the elbow.”

A conversation followed that would last about two hours. Wilcox couldn’t tell which figure was speaking to him, but it appeared to be the one closest to him. They told him that they had been watching him for some time. In fact, they (assuming their race) had been watching people on earth for some time. He was asked questions about the tractor, the manure and the manure spreader. They were very interested in organic substances, such as soil. Wilcox expressed an interest in visiting Mars but was told that the thinness of the atmosphere would make it impossible. In fact, earth’s atmosphere was so thick that “they can’t stand it”. They also told Wilcox that landing in congested areas was impossible because traffic fumes effected the performance of their space vehicles. Although they had a variety of ships, they usually did not appear after dark because their crafts were much more observable then. The conversation ranged into other topics other than crops, fertilizer, and agriculture. The figure spoke of space, their ship, and of other subjects that went over Wilcox’s head. They also advised that people from Earth should not send individuals into outer space. They predicted that the astronauts Glenn, and Grissom and two cosmonauts from Russiawould die within a year due to exposure from space. Before they left, Wilcox was advised ‘for your own good’ not to say anything about the experience to anyone, but “the visitor made no threats nor extracted a promise from him to keep the encounter secret.”

“They then walked back under the ship and disappeared. They ducked a little bit when they went under it. The ship then seemed to hover. I heard a noise that sounded like a car motor idling. It was not loud. Then it just took off slowly forward above the ground in a gliding manner and flew over the valley in the direction of (Ed) Sokoloski’s barn and disappeared into the air after it was about 150ft away. There was no heat, blasting, wind, dust noise (other than the idling sound), light, or anything else left behind when the ship took off.”

“They did not try to harm me in any way and there was nothing with them that looked like a weapon. They did not raise or lower their voice. It was the same throughout the conversation. They did most of the talking.” After the vehicle left, Garynoticed pairs of 2 ½ inch square depressions in the ground where the figures had stood. There was also some red dust where the vehicle had rested. It disappeared after a couple of days. He went back up on the hill again at 1630 and took a 75 lb. bag of fertilizer along with him. He dropped it where the craft had been. When he returned on Saturday morning, the fertilizer was gone.

Humcat 1964-5

Source: Walter Webb, Owen Lakefor Nicap, Stephen Putnam

Priscilla Baldwin & Dr. Berthold Schwarz for FSR Type: B

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