Countless People Just ‘Dropping Dead’ Across The Planet, Many In Public, But You’re Not Supposed To Believe Your Own Eyes! Read These Recent Stories Then Try To Tell Us The Depopulation Agenda Isn’t Real

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Just for fun, (let’s just call it a mental exercise) what do the following actual headlines bring to your mind?

41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100%

1000% Increase in Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Following Pfizer COVID-19 EUA Vaccine for 5 to 11 Year Olds

UPDATE: A Jaw-Dropping 769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year – “Avg. Age of Players Suffering Cardiac Arrest is JUST 23”  (April 8 headline)

Professional Athletes suffered at least 890 Cardiac Arrests and 579 Deaths following Covid-19 Vaccination in the past year; & FIFA Football Deaths increased by 300%   (April 20 headline)


TOO MUCH TO IGNORE: COVID vaccines cause 16,633% more miscarriages compared to flu vaccines

FDA & CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases Children’s risk of suffering Myocarditis by over 13,000%

In creating percentages, the increase is calculated as the original number subtracted from the new number, divided by the original number and multiplied by 100.  This means that a 100% increase is double the original number.  Even simple logic tells us that; and then a 1,000% increase is nine times what was before.  So with an 1100% increase in military deaths, that is a jump from 100 men to 1200 men suffering death because of the mandate they submit to the murderous bio-weapon.  Using just the numbers that were submitted to VAERS of military men murdered, it amounts to a 4,133% increase.  Amazing, yet there is still the mandate that they be injected with that murder weapon.

Health Impact News in their story (the first headline above) said that of the 3.9 million injured by the vax that nearly half of them are considered “serious” injuries with the term serious being defined as “Seriousness provides information on the suspected undesirable effect; it can be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.”  They break down the totals by which vax they were given with the Janssen 4.9% of cases listed) and Moderna (4.45%) being approximately double what the Pfizer (2.3%) is and the AstraAZeneca (1.83%) coming in a bit less average deadly cases reported.  The percent of serious cases compared to the total number of cases reported in this European study shows close results, with Pfizer at 44.23%, AstraZeneca at 51.62%, Moderna 45.17% and Janssen with the lowest at 40.52%.  They did not give the number of shots average or number of people given those shots, but with those numbers of reported problems compared to those that are serious or death related, who would take any chances at all?  Not me.

Then note the difference between the April 8th Gateway Pundit versus the April 20th The Exposé articles in the number of athletes deaths.  And that 15.7% increase is only over a one and a half week period.  With the FIFA (“football”, or Soccer here in North America) being 4 times higher this past year compared to the 2009 to 2020 numbers.  That is in just one year compared to eleven years in total numbers, so what is the increase year by year?  I do not know, but The Exposé furnished this graph to help you see what is actually going on;

It would seem to me that this increase cannot be tied to increases in drug usage, although some have tried to say that is the case.  And many more have dropped out of professional sports because of the effects the shots have had on them.  “Unfortunately, many doctors are unwilling to acknowledge that the COVID-19 shots might be related to patients’ injury complaints, and many who have been injured find their stories have remained hidden from public view, with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms censoring their personal stories and videos. Some, however, have made it through to mainstream media”.  FIFA football deaths in December 2021 alone matched the annual average for the last dozen years with the cardiovascular issues doubling every three months and there were three and a half times as many deaths in December last year compared to the whole of 2021.  No, nothing to see here folks, and the main stream propaganda rags dare say nothing about it.  An example of their fidgeting around the edges is in the Australian sports show linked here.  Please note that the do mention the dramatic increase in Bells Palsy in sports figures though, but still try to down play the link with the shots.  They must be afraid of being fired or being imprisoned as it is a great taboo to show those kinds of factual links.

While I believe most of us here on ANP, both regulars as well as guests that visit less frequently, realize that this lie of the Covid shots efficacy is perhaps the biggest lie to ever be pushed by the popular press, and that those numbers reported to the VAERS system is only a small percent (some say from 1% clear up to 10%), the headlines above were based primarily on VAERS type systems, whether the North American system or the European equivalent database system EudraVigilance.  Also note that those reported numbers have been altered a number of times to LOWER the cases to make the shots look a bit better in the public’s eyes.  NEVER trust the government on anything is the motto to be followed here.  There are no second chances after taking the shot according to the first video below.  Even the supposed protection from the C19 virus is not supported by the available data, such as this headline that reports “Vaccinated Have Up To SIX Times the Infection Rate of Unvaccinated, New Zealand Government Data Show” with the likelihood for getting C19 going up with the number of jabs.  That is exactly the opposite of what we are being told.  And this does NOT consider the number of top athletes that drop out or competition because of ill health, primarily caused by the vaccines.

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