Russia’s SMO Proceeding As Planned

Russian forces are decisively winning the battle of Ukraine by grinding down and degrading the US-controlled regime’s military.

What’s likely to be a short-term gesture announced on Monday, Russian Defense Control Center head, General Mikhail Mizintsev, said the following:

“Guided by purely humane principles, the Russian armed forces and the formation of the DPR from 14:00 [Moscow time, 11:00 GMT] on April 25, 2022, will unilaterally stop any hostilities” near the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. 

“(C)ombat units will be assigned to a safe distance and will ensure the withdrawal of (civilians) in any directions they choose.”

Nazified fighters and likeminded mercenaries in the plant willing to lay down their arms and surrender must come out unarmed, waving a white flag.

Russia’s earlier offers were ignored, except for a handful of fighters who managed to come out and surrender unharmed.

An example of overwhelming Russian military superiority over Ukrainian forces was reported by its Defense Ministry on Monday, saying:

“According to reconnaissance data, Ukrainian armaments, military hardware and ammunition were concentrated on the territory of depots in hangars for troop supplies.” 

“The military equipment and armaments were amassed in the depot area for their subsequent delivery to Ukrainian combat groups.” 

“(R)econnaissance data were confirmed by technical reconnaissance means, following which Iskander tactical missile systems delivered strikes on the depots,” destroying them, Russia’s MOD adding:

Hypersonic Iskander missiles used strike with precision accuracy up to a range of 500 km.

Its warhead is powerful enough to obliterate targets struck.

The Iskander system can use ballistic and cruise missiles.

They generate deception by electronic interference to evade enemy air defenses.

Its cruise missile fly at ultra-low altitudes.

Following terrain features, they’re virtually invisible, enemy air defenses unaware of them until after they strike and destroy targeted areas.

Separately on Sunday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“The embassy is essentially under a blockade by the US authorities.”

“Bank of America shut down the accounts of our general consulates in Houston and New York.”

“For some time, even the exit from the embassy was being blocked (by) rather large protests.” 

“There were acts of vandalism. Paint was thrown thrown” at the embassy. 

Russian staff are receiving written and phone threats.

None of this would go on without approval by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov said “unfriendly actions (will) not remain unanswered.”

US and likeminded NATO vassal officials are waging proxy war on Russia.

It’s been ongoing along its border for years, in Ukraine currently and domestically by targeting Russian diplomatic facilities and officials.

All of the above poses an ominous threat of crossing the line to possible full-blown East/West confrontation.

Longstanding US policy calls for regime change in Russia and other nations free from Washington’s control — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

A weeks earlier article explained Harvard University’s supported for Nazi-infested Ukraine — to its shame.

Its president Lawrence Bacow disgracefully ordered the Ukrainian flag raised over the Harvard Yard, desecrating it by its presence.

He might as well have ordered Nazi Germany’s flag hoisted along side it.

On April 22, the Harvard Gazette interviewed retired army general Douglas Lute, Harvard MPA, class of ’83.

Saying what’s going on in Ukraine will likely push NATO “farther east,” he falsely added the following:

Russia “invad(ed) Crimea in 2014 (sic).

No Russian invasion occurred, no annexation of Crimea.

“Sweden and Finland will be invited to join NATO.”

Russia will respond defensively by positioning nuclear weapons close to their borders, Lute failed to explain.

Saying NATO members will “likely” increase spending for their war-making machines left unexplained that it happens regularly regardless of what Russia does or doesn’t do.

And this from Lute:

EU regimes are deciding on how “to cut (their) reliance on Russian resources, oil and gas in particular.” 

“Those would be major enhancements of the sanctions regime against Russia.” 

“I am hopeful that our European friends and partners and allies will take that step.”

Lute failed to explain that EU regimes vowed to end their dependence on Russian commodities.

Then they said they’d only pay for them in dollars and/or euros.

Then they had a change of heart — knowing that their economies will suffer significantly if boycott vitally needed Russian energy and other key commodities.

So they’ll pay for them in rubles if that’s what Russia demands.

Lute claiming “Russia under Vladimir Putin will be a pariah state…isolated politically and economically (sic)” is worlds apart from what’s going on.

If the West wants to shoot itself in the foot more than already, that’s for its ruling regimes to decide.

Russia has cooperative relations with many nations, ones unwilling to bow to hegemon USA in ways harmful to their own interests.

Exports of Russian oil, gas, other commodities, weapons and other products are increasingly shifting to friendly nations over unfriendly ones.

Like puppet Zelensky, interventionist Blinken and hawkish Austin, Lute sounded delusional, saying:

“Ukrainians will continue to outperform Russia on the battlefield (sic).”

“Ukrainians will win out…because  of the incompetence of Russian forces in Ukraine (sic).”

With generals like Lute — retired or active — it’s easy to know why hegemon USA hasn’t defeated an invented adversary since WW II.

And it was only in the Pacific.

Russia defeated Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht in Europe, not US forces as falsely claimed in the West.

A Final Comment

On Monday, I was emailed by a Russian citizen named Romah (Roman) from my blog site.

I don’t know where in Russia he lives, but it doesn’t matter.

Writing in English, he asked me to spread his message, precisely what I’m doing.

Hegemon USA “wants to dominate the world,” he stressed.

US and NATO regimes are “spead(ing) lies about Russia.”

“We are Russian and want” Western regimes to treat Russians as “equal” to themselves.  

Moscow’s operation in Ukraine was launched to demilitarize and “deNazify” the country — to end the threat it poses.

If Russian forces wanted to end things quickly without concern for civilians and vital infrastructure, “we would have done it in 48 hours.”

Ukraine would have been set ablaze.

The “US must find a peaceful deal with us” to get along over risking something much more serious than already.

I long ago learned that the function of language is to communicate.

I only know a few Russian words as never studied the language.

Roman’s English isn’t perfect.

But it’s perfect enough to communicate his thoughts well enough to be understood.

He and I are on the same page.

We abhor war and want peace.

We want the sovereign rights of all nations and their people respected.

We want a world far different from the American way.

Perpetually at war on invented enemies, its ruling regimes may destroy planet earth and all its life forms because of their rage to dominate by brute force.

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