Today’s Horoscopes Thursday 5th May 2022

The Sun’s merger with brilliant Uranus means we may be gifted with clever insights and solutions to complex issues.

We’ll find it easy to think out of the box and this can be our saving grace. For your FREE Daily Horoscope Thursday 5th May 2022 please see below…

Horoscopes Thursday 5th May 2022

Aries 21 March – 20 April

Mercury’s journey through Gemini may find you eager to explore opportunities, to learn something new and connect with those you might not have heard from in a while. Your mind could dart from one thing to another, as you seek out novel ideas that could save time, and perhaps money. Keen to communicate? This may be an opportunity to learn a language or write your first book.

Taurus 21 April – 21 May

A pairing between the Sun and restless Uranus, can leave you feeling like you need a break from routine. If you have no option but to continue as you are, then putting on a fitness video may be a way to channel some of this excess energy. Mind, with an emphasis on your shopping zone, you might be inclined to browse for any treats that could boost your mood, and make the day complete.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

Mercury in your sign, makes some sparkling aspects that can find you in a convivial mood and keen to link up with friends or family. You’ll be busy on the phone or keen to make a few calls to stay in touch. You might also enjoy yourself with puzzles and games that test your knowledge and reaction time. Ready to be creative? Learning a new skill could prove extremely enjoyable.

Cancer 22 June – 23 July

As talkative Mercury forges an angle with Venus, this could be an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, and perhaps to learn from someone who has knowledge of something you would like to accomplish. Or you may be drawn to find a mentor who can assist with an issue that has become something of an obstacle over recent days or weeks. Their wise counsel might make a difference.

Leo 24 July – 23 August

You may be in a proactive mood, and keen to find new ways to tackle ongoing tasks so that you have more time for bigger things. What you might be looking for is a way to transform your schedule so that it’s not so intense. There are options out there Leo, and this is a good time to seek them out. Learning time management techniques and delegating can both be of help.

Virgo 24 August – 23 September

Need to make your feelings known, Virgo? With Mercury in a prominent zone, what you share can have an impact on more people. And the words you speak may also ring true, and encourage others to step up and have their say. Mind, there is also the potential for misunderstandings, with someone not getting the gist of your words at all. You’ll need to spell your message out clearly.

Libra 24 September – 23 October

Conversations can be encouraging, motivating you to explore activities that may be new to you. With an upbeat focus on the sign of Gemini, someone might inspire you to take up a hobby or learn a skill that you could thoroughly enjoy. If there’s a craft you’ve wanted to have a go at, this is a great time to try it out Libra. And because of this, you may meet some fascinating people.

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

Experienced issues with certain people? This may be down to revolutionary Uranus in your relationship zone, which can bring their unpredictable side into focus. As the Sun merges with this restless planet, it’s possible that someone could surprise you with something they say or do. You might think you understand them, but how do you know there isn’t more of this to come?

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

The Sun’s pairing with wild-card Uranus, suggests you may want to break free of limitations and do something that allows you to escape from everyday responsibilities. And the current Jupiter/Pluto angle can evoke similar feelings. If you need to let off steam, then a work-out or fitness video could help you feel more relaxed, and able to focus on what needs doing, Archer.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

While you might be committed to accomplishing a personal goal, there may be a way to take a short-cut that saves you time. Stay alert for a genius idea that could help you get there faster, and make the process more enjoyable too. Looking for ways to fill in some leisure time? If there is a hobby that allows you to tap into an underused skill, this can be a chance to give it a go Capricorn.

Aquarius 21 January – 19 February

It might help to think before you speak, as today’s lively blend of energies in your domestic zone, can find you itching to share your perspective. It’s the way you do it that could make the difference though, Aquarius. If something about your domestic set-up is causing frustration, then a brainstorming session that addresses the issue head on may throw up some excellent solutions.

Pisces 20 February – 20 March

A piece of news, conversation or letter, could pave the way for you to take advantage of an opportunity. This might involve working online or using technology, that although a learning curve, can be very good for you, and perhaps lead to fresh developments. Plus, your horoscope suggests a call from someone you haven’t heard from in a while may be a surprise, but also very welcome.

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