Reality on the Ground in Ukraine

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, its forces have been systematically degrading the ability of Ukraine’s military to resist the daily onslaught against it.

While striking military targets alone to minimize civilian casualties, the toll on Ukraine and welfare of its people continues to mount daily.

Any sensible leader would seek conflict resolution to halt what’s ongoing relentlessly.

Kiev lacks one, a US-installed puppet and regime alone with marching orders to continue a suicide mission to the last Ukrainian.

Against vastly superior Russian forces, continuing to fight is mission impossible.

The same goes for trying to resupply Ukrainian troops with more US/Western weapons.

Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, minced no words saying the following:

Hegemon USA and NATO vassal states “continue to pump weapons into Ukraine.” 

“I can confirm that any transport from the North Atlantic alliance that arrives in the country with weapons or materiel for the Ukrainian armed forces will be considered by us as a legitimate target for destruction,” adding:

“The Russian Armed Forces will continue to fulfill all tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief,” namely the demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine until able to declare that the mission was accomplished.

Commenting on reality on the ground in Ukraine, military analyst Andrei Martyanov said the following:

“Russia has excellent space-based intel and recon assets.”

“(T)argeting (attempted cross-border deliveries of US/Western weapons et al to Ukraine) will not be a problem.”

If the Biden and subservient NATO regimes “think that they can (re)supply Nazi(s) in Kiev with quite useless…weapons,” they’re delusional.

Overpowering Russian military strength can destroy them.

Ukraine’s military bases can “easily be wiped off the map…”

The above reality was Shoigu’s message.

On Wednesday, Southfront reported the following reality on the ground in Ukraine as follows, saying:

“Russia attacked (a) railway substation in Pyatihatki with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked (a) railway substation in Tymkove with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked (a) railway substation in Volovets with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked (a) railway substation in Lvov with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked (a) railway substation in Pidbirtsi with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked…assets of (Ukraine’s military) near Protopopovka with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked…assets of (its military) near Novaya Dmitrovka with a high-precision missile.

“Russia attacked (its) military assets near Sandjeika with a high-precision missile.

Russia attacked (its) military assets near Krysino with a high-precision missile.”

Russia attacked (its) military assets near Volnyansk with a high-precision missile.

“Russia attacked (its) military assets near Novoalexandrovka with a high-precision missile.”

Analyst Larry Johnson stressed the following:

Russian forces are moving “methodically and cautiously.”

They’re “relying on artillery and air strikes to soften up Ukrainian defensive positions.”

The strategy “is paying dividends.”

“Ukrainian troops are surrendering in significant numbers, especially (inadequately trained conscripts rushed) into service, (ones) not affiliated with neo-Nazi (thugs and likeminded) mercenar(ies).”

On Wednesday, desperation in Kiev was clear.  

Ukrainian reservists were activated for duty, ones up to age-60.

In stark contrast, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Shoigu and other Russian officials set no SMO timeline or deadline.

As Johnson explained, they’re “not going to send their military units into head on assaults and risk unnecessary casualties.”

They’re “going to bomb Ukrainian units relentlessly until they surrender or are destroyed.” 

“Time is on Putin’s side.”

Kiev is on its back foot, its military greatly degraded ahead of smashing it entirely if conflict continues for many more weeks.

At the same time, its economy was crushed, its people more greatly impoverished and immiserated than before Russia’s SMO began.

Its sovereignty lost to hegemon US control, its puppet leadership farcically inept and out of touch with reality, Kiev can no longer provide even basic needs for its people.

Lacking enough fuel and transport means, it can’t resupply its forces with weapons, munitions, and equipment.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry updated the toll on Ukraine’s military, saying:

To date, Russia’s SMO destroyed “146 aircraft, 112 helicopters, 712 UAVs, 287 air defense systems, 2,817 tanks and other combat armored vehicles as well as 323 multiple launch rocket systems.”

Its military also destroyed 1,292 field artillery guns and mortars (as well as) 2,624 special military motor vehicles.

Another 16 Ukrainian command posts and two fuel depots were eliminated.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troop strongholds were significantly degraded.

Many thousands of its forces were killed, wounded or otherwise put out of action.

Growing hundreds of Ukrainian troops lay down their arms and surrender daily.

Separately on Wednesday, the European Commission announced its intent to cease importing Russian oil by yearend.

Ignoring that EU countries greatly depend on Russian oil and gas, banning either or both will crush their economies.

At the same time, energy not shipped by Russia to Western states is going to Eastern and other ones.

So EU nations that go along with the harebrained scheme are sanctioning themselves and their people — while largely self-sufficient Russia is holding up well.

A Final Comment

While Russia is gradually winning the battle of Ukraine and sustaining its economy, Austria’s OMV Group CEO Alfred Stern said the following:

“I don’t think that today we are ready for an embargo.” 

“Unless we are ready to accept the consequences.” 

“Because one thing needs to be clearly understood.”

“Our gas supply (and much oil) is provided not by our own production in Europe, but by supplies from Russia.”

Embargoing it is madness.

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