Russia Bashing in Davos

The so-called World Economic Forum (WEF) is an annual Davos, Switzerland gathering of likeminded pro-Western wealth, power and privileged interests.

Its diabolical agenda is worlds apart from seeking to “improv(e) the state of the world (sic)” — just the opposite for most people.

Prohibiting views contrary to the fabricated official narrative, it’s all about exploitation, plunder and control.

The WEF’s Great Reset agenda aims to transform the world community of nations into ruler-serf societies.

It reflects the worst of what Orwell and Huxley imagined.

This year’s gathering is at a time of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine.

According to international con man, predatory investor, a figure infamous for expressing no concern about the “consequences of (his) actions,” 91-year-old George Soros defied reality by falsely calling Russia and China humanity’s greatest threats (sic).

Barely stopping short of urging WW III, he called for defeating Russia’s virtually won SMO in Ukraine.

Warning that “civilization” as he wants it with maximum profits in mind “may not survive,” he falsely blamed Russia for high crimes by hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazified Ukraine.

“(D)efeat Putin as soon as possible,” he roared.

He and other Russophobes in Davos falsely blamed Russia for made-in-the USA global food crisis conditions and soaring inflation.

What’s going on has nothing to do with Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, nothing to do with a nonexistent flu/covid pandemic, nothing to do with the myth of climate change.

It has everything to do with diabolical US-led Western policies — notably money printing madness to benefit privileged interests exclusively and unparalleled sanctions war on Russia, an invented enemy, not a real one.

If the US-dominated West spent more on butter and less on guns, more on peacemaking instead of endless wars, more pursuing equity and justice over the other way around, no global food crisis, no soaring inflation, no risk of humanity destroying WW III would exist.

According to a new Oxfam report, control of global food supplies by corporate predators and billionaires increased their profits exponentially at the expense of social inequality, food insecurity, hunger and starvation that affects growing millions.

Days earlier, a Eurasia Group report said 1.6 billion people are food insecure because of soaring prices it expects to rise nearly 50% this year.

Hegemon USA, its Western vassal states and agribusiness are to blame for the high cost of food going higher, not Russia, not Vladimir Putin personally.

In the US, real consumer price inflation is 16.5% year-over-year through April — not the phony 8.3% reported.

With prices continuing to rise, US inflation will like increase further this summer.

Along with soaring food costs, gasoline and diesel fuel prices are sharply increasing.

So is the cost of healthcare, college tuition, housing and other essentials.

With inflation already at the highest level since 1947, it’s virtually certain to exceed that level ahead.

As prices continue to rise, the standard of living for growing millions declines.

According to analyst Nick Giambruno, much of the blame for soaring inflation stems from years of money printing madness by the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed, adding:

“From the founding of the US, it took over 227 years to print its first $6 trillion.” 

“But in just a matter of months recently, the (Fed) printed more than $6 trillion.

“For further perspective, the daily economic output of all 331 million people in the US is about $58 billion.” 

“At the push of a (computer keyboard) button, the Fed creat(ed) more dollars out of thin air than the (daily) economic output of the entire country.”

And reality turned the falsified notion of “transitory” inflation on its head.

It’s “out of control, and nothing can (easily) stop it,” Giambruno stressed, adding:

The only solution is ending Wall Street’s control over the nation’s money.

Benefitting the nation’s privileged class exclusively, it’s at the expense of harming most others.

There’s no end of it because monied interests and politicians they own run things.

As bad as things are now, they’re heading toward becoming much worse ahead.

According to economist John Williams:

Monthly data “remain extremely bullish for accelerating inflation, where the surging money numbers reflect FOMC monetary stimulus in place.”

It’s from a combination of money printing madness, sanctions war on Russia, disrupted supply chains and other wrongheaded US policies.

Along with how increasingly hard it is for most US consumers to make ends meet, sharply lower stock market valuations reflect economic weakness.

Hard times for most US households are heading harder ahead. 

Chickens are coming home to roost because of longstanding wrongheaded policies — with nothing being done to help all Americans instead of the privileged few alone.

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