Yet Another October Surprise in May—But why Texas?!

from State Of The Nation:

Biden’s Main Mission between Now and the Midterms is to Cancel the 2nd Amendment

The Powers That Be do not care about Joe Biden or the Democrat Party or the thrashing that the Democrats will receive on Election Day 2022.

All the globalists care about is doing whatever is necessary to swiftly advance the New World Order agenda. Implementing Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are of utmost concern toward the roll-out of the GREAT RESET, which means the right to bears arms in the USA must be taken away—FOREVER!


The American people clearly present the biggest obstacle to the NWO implementation plan, and it’s their gun ownership that poses the greatest threat to the power elite.  Hence, the globalist cabal will use the time remaining between now and Tuesday, November 8 to shock and awe the US citizenry until they, the people, demand that the Second Amendment be effectively annulled.

False Flag Mass Shooting Hoaxes

Nothing incites the American people to take action more that when their children are senselessly slaughtered.  Which is why the US government just carried out the alleged schoolchildren massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas (after conducting countless similar staged false flag attacks over the past several decades).

Bear in mind that this an alleged massacre of 19 school children.  It has categorically not been proven to have occurred as of today, just like most of these mass casualty event hoaxes are never confirmed to have taken place.

The recent Buffalo so-called race attack mass shooting was another black operation perpetrated by the US Federal Government against black Americans in order to foment a race war between now and Election Day.  The more chaos and conflict created, the easier it will be for the Democrats to steal every election in sight to prevent the unprecedented electoral bloodbath they’re now facing.

However, the primary reason for these incessant mass shootings systematically staged by the U.S. Intelligence Community in coordination with NATO’s Operation Gladio, and especially by rogue elements within the C.I.A., DIA, ATF and the FBI as the cover-up artist, is to provide the false pretext for the quick passage of draconian gun control laws.  Each and every one of these false flag operations has seen a slew of new state laws enacted in the wake of the fake mass shootings.

KEY POINT: At this point of the Alt Media’s  investigation, it all but certain that: The Uvalde Texas School Shooting is a Complete and Total Hoax

October Surprise 2022

What all of this means is that any one of the 50 states can be the site of a stage mass shooting, particularly in places where many children congregate.  The globalist perps know that there will come a time when the populace will succumb to the extraordinary pressures now being exerted at every level of American government to abolish “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” as codified by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Therefore, We the People can expect to see one October Surprise after another until November 8th.  Because of how desperate and brazen the Democrats have become, they will likely make this their signature issue in order to quickly turn the electoral tide.  Which means that the electorate has five and a half months to experience one MCE hoax after another, each one choreographed as an October Surprise.  Because once Election Day has come and gone, the Biden administration will no longer have an opportunity to get any of its high priority bills like gun control through Congress.

MCE = Mass Casualty Event

In light of this rapidly intensifying predicament, folks need to be extremely aware of where they are going until the election.  Large events are always easy targets for these black ops; so are schools, churches and malls.  Concerts put on by Patriot musicians are especially vulnerable.  In any case, it’s never been so important to beware and be aware of your surroundings until after the election.

Gun Control Psyop

We will never know if the preceding photo actually captured two crisis actors posing for the perfect heart-rending picture that will be disseminated widely throughout the CIA’s ever deceitful Mockingbird Media.

Regardless of whether this MCE was completely authentic, a totally staged hoax, or a hybrid of grim reality and crisis acting, the effect on the American collective consciousness remains the same.  The dark side knows that it must continually shock and awe the body politic if a sufficient level of manufactured consent is to be attained to permanently remove guns from the American Republic.

What follows is a predictable headline orchestrated by Big Media and the ultra-liberal San Francisco Golden State Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr.  We can expect this ‘heartfelt plea’ to be followed by many more throughout celebrity society.  Many of these overt and closet cultural marxists are contracted by various governmental agencies and NGOs to perform their shout-outs in the perfect moment defined by the Left’s hyper-emotional hysteria.

Of course, no gun control psyop would be complete without the reliably perfidious BBC weighing in (see BBC screenshot below).  It’s almost as though the Bloody Brits want to take our guns more than the clowns in the circus inside the Beltway.  Perhaps it’s because the London banksters know in their bones that after gun owners across the USA hang all the banksters on Wall Street, the Financial District in the City of London will soon be targeted by the highly oppressed British people…who smartly possess long knives.

It often appears that the drama queens on Fleet Street write the post-MCE scripts that are then immediately picked up by the American mainstream media in the Northeast and then the Left Coast.

Why Texas?

It’s the same reason that SOTN has posted hundreds of articles and exposés on these government-sponsored, false flag, mass shootings over the past 10 years after every massacre, both real and bogus.

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