Exclusive—Republican Carolina Serrano: Nevada Is ‘Not a Liberal State’

Carolina Serrano, a Republican candidate running against Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) in Nevada’s First Congressional District, declared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday that Nevada is “not a liberal state” and the incumbent is a vulnerable member who can be unseated.

Serrano — who paid her way through college working in the hospitality industry and briefly working on Capitol Hill before leading the Hispanic outreach for former President Donald Trump in Las Vegas — spoke to Breitbart News Saturday about her view on immigration, which she is making a large part of her campaign.

Serrano explained that immigration is a “total economic issue,” noting that the issues go “hand in hand.”

She clarified that when Hispanics come to the United States, they are coming for the “opportunity that this country presents, but we also understand that, especially coming from [the] hospitality industry, it’s an hourly wage industry” — which she worked in for almost 20 years.

“When you continue to have people come over the border, [and] hire people who overstay their visa illegally, that depresses hourly wages, right,” Serrano said while explaining her stance on immigration. “And then you start looking into other pockets of the economy, the worker visa, that the issue, all of that is just to give the jobs to people who aren’t from here, give them the job for a cheaper wage, and then they hold that visa over their heads.”

The Republican candidate indicated that if you are a worker that complains about waning higher wages, the businesses and staffing agencies say, “We’ll just take away your visa, and you can go back home.” This is why Serrano noted the issue of immigration and the economy go “hand in hand.”

She also claimed that 45 percent of the people who come to the United States stay illegally in the country and start to work illegally — making “every Hispanic who’s working-class middle class” have to be “competing constantly with these agencies who hire illegal workers…there’s no way of unifying the two.”

Speaking further about Hispanics and immigrants, she said that “1,000 percent” of Hispanic voters have increasingly moved to the Republican Party recently, which Breitbart News previously has written about.

She explained that they’re no different from black Americans, white Americans, and Asian Americans. “They are no different from any other group, that just everybody wants the same things you want, you know, safe, a safe country, a safe community, good schools, good-paying jobs.”

This is why she said, “I argue Nevada is not a liberal state.”

“The problem is people are just not engaged,” Serrano noted. “However, 2020 gave us… a big gift in the fact that you know, the shutdown on the strip, all those workers out of, you know, all those people out of work –  that woke them up with Dina Titus. I saw her weakness in 2020 when the seat was still a D+12. And the reason why it’s not a weakness is because, number one, Dina Titus has no connection really to the voters.

“I mean… she’s never clocked in and out like them,” she continued. “She’s never worked at us what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry, in the construction industry, to sacrifice weekends, to sacrifice nights and holidays away from her family. She has no idea, and I would argue most politicians have no idea what that’s really like when you’re just busting your butt to try to make it right.”

“She signed on every single policy that has hurt all of your constituents, which a lot of them are working class and middle class, and there’s no untying herself from the Biden administration,” Serrano declared when speaking about her vulnerability.

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