Support for Liz Cheney Collapses in Wyoming as President Trump Comes to Rally for Her Primary Opponent

from The Conservative Treehouse:

A recent republican poll in the state of Wyoming [DATA HERE] shows Representative Liz Cheney trailing her primary Trump-endorsed opponent, Harriet Hageman, by 30 points.  Liz Cheney has 26% republican support, and her challenger has 56%.   The Wyoming primary is August 26, 2022, this year (general election November 8).


President Trump is going to be holding a rally later today in Casper, Wyoming, to assist in defeating the horrible DeceptiCon Liz Cheney.  However, do not get overconfident looking at Cheney’s terrible poll numbers, Wyoming is an open primary state and Democrat voters can vote for Liz Cheney on the republican ticket.  There is only one congressional district in Wyoming and there are considerable pockets of Moonbats in/around the fancy rich places like Jackson Hole.

(Politico) – […] The race for Wyoming’s lone congressional district is one where the Club for Growth and Trump, who have quickly turned from allies to foils, are aligned, though the Club has not formally endorsed Hageman. The poll, shared first with POLITICO, was conducted this week by WPA Intelligence, a Republican firm, ahead of Friday’s candidate filing deadline.

Trump has taken intense interest in the race because Cheney has been such a prominent critic of his attempts to subvert the 2020 election results. After her impeachment vote, she became one of just two Republicans, along with Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), to sit on the commission investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots that Speaker Nancy Pelosi created.

Kinzinger chose to retire rather than remain a stop on Trump’s 2022 midterm revenge campaign. Cheney, however, has said she plans to seek reelection — even if her odds look tough. And Trump will travel to Casper, Wyo. on Saturday to rally for Hageman, a trial lawyer who placed third in the GOP primary for governor in 2018.

The polling reinforces another piece of data the Club for Growth released a year ago, which showed that 52 percent of Wyoming GOP primary voters were planning to vote against Cheney regardless of who challenges her. (read more)

Because Wyoming only has one House congressional district (CD), the congressional seat is a statewide race. This allows activist Democrats to activate their political operation in order to protect their ally, Liz Cheney.

The open primary states are the states the RNC wing of the UniParty has targeted to turn into Democrat States.  It is a long-term strategy within the republican wing of the club system to turn control of the state offices to democrats in order to protect the power structures in Washington DC.

UniParty State Governors and Decepticon Senators benefit from the open primary format as it allows Democrats to select the weakest republican candidate for the general election contests.   The most recent example of the strategy in action is in Georgia.  Thousands of democrats took republican ballots so they could control the November 2022 ticket challenges.  In November Democrats will likely take the governors’ office with Stacey Abrams and a very organized black voting bloc.

Ohio and Texas are two key target states for the professional republican club to turn the keys over to democrats.  They are making a lot of progress there.

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