Children’s Librarians to Host Sex Store Founder to Discuss Sex Ed.

The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California (ACL) is hosting two events where sex-shop founder and activist Corey Silverberg will be discussing “sex education that centers justice” and “how sexuality and gender show up in public spaces.”

The two sessions are part of a program called “Sex Ed for Librarians,” and the sessions, titled “The Sex Education We Deserve” and “Sex Ed. and Public Libraries,” both feature Silverberg as a speaker. The ACL notes that its mission is to “further the cause of library work with children” and to review and evaluate “children’s books and other materials produced for young people.”

The description for one of the sessions explains that it will cover “what has been missing from traditional sex education and what sex education that centers justice can look like,” continuing on to say that it will also “explore where and how sexuality and gender show up in public spaces like libraries.” In one of the talks, Silverberg will be joined by Rakisha Kearns-White, a senior young adult librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Corey Silverberg is the author of several books that discuss sex and are aimed at children as young as seven years old. As his website explains, his books “You Know, Sex” and “Sex is a Funny Word” are intended for children and discuss topics like “gender identity,” “pornography,” “power,” “pleasure,” and other mature topics. The book also includes “trans, nonbinary, and intersex bodies.” The author’s books have been found in middle school libraries.

It was previously unveiled that Silverberg, who refers to himself as “a sex educator, and author, and a queer person,” was one of the founders of what was referred to as a “beginner’s sex store.” The store, based in Toronto, Canada, even hosted what they called an “off-site sex-education workshop for parents of children aged 7 to 12,” which focused “on more than reproduction.”

In addition to hosting sex-shop founder Corey Silverberg, the ACL is also hosting Bianca Laureano as a speaker. Laureano is the founder of Ante Up, an organization that seeks to further embed left wing theory in America’s classrooms.

The website explains that Ante Up’s goals are to “support more people of color in finding community in the sexuality, gender, and justice fields.” The organization provides curriculums and professional development training that focus “on supporting educators of color  and working class educators in unlearning the white supremacist abelist heteropatriarchial ways of writing and educating others.” 

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