Bigfoot pair encountered during northern Minnesota camping trip

A family is camping in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. The witness describes his encounter with two Bigfoot (adult & juvenile) while exploring the nearby woods.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“This isn’t my story, but it’s my father’s story. I can tell you that ever since my sister and I were little girls we grew up hearing the story around the campfire or when we had sleepovers. To this day my dad swears by the story and I know it myself by heart after hearing it so many times.

The account happened back when he was 16-years-old. He was born in 1969, so you can do the math about what year it was. Well, every year my dad, his 3 brothers, and my grandma would take a camping/hunting trip up to northern Minnesota right on the border of Canada. If you knew my dad, you would know that he is like a survival junkie and he is very knowledgeable about the surrounding animals and vegetation where ever we go.

Anyway, that year, they once again took a trip to their familiar spot. This time, it was only his family and an older couple that had been checked into the campsite that they were staying at. Mind you, his family knew the older couple staying there as they make an effort to be familiar with neighbors despite that they were probably a few miles far from where my dad’s family were camping on the site.

Well, one day my dad decides to do some exploring, and he finds a berry bush on the side of the gravel road. He knows these berries are edible and decides to snack on a few before moving along. He also knows that there are bears in this area and being that he was at an animal feeding site, he finds it important to carve a small spear using a tree sampling. He continually looks over his shoulder to keep an eye out for bears or other predators (like mountain lions).

As he looks over his shoulder, he does a double take because he spots what he first thought was an 8′ foot tall, naked black man walking across the gravel road. Given that he knows there are only two other people in this campsite miles away, in the middle of nowhere, he knows something isn’t right (not to mention there’s a very small population of minorities here in the Midwest in general and probably even less back in the 1980s). It only took him a few seconds to realize this wasn’t a random person but it was what was described as Bigfoot! It had dark brown/black fur and it only took the creature 3 big steps to cross this wide, gravel road.

My dad is frozen in fear and before he can react, another smaller bigfoot comes running behind the bigger one after the bigger one had already disappeared into the other side of the woods. But this smaller one comes dragging a trash bag behind him and my dad recalls that the sunlight hitting off of its fur showed that this smaller one had cinnamon colored fur compared to the adult, darker one.

After this, my dad musters up the courage to run back to his campsite where his youngest brother Michael is waiting for him. Michael reads my dad’s face and knows something is wrong and asks my dad what happened. My dad refused to tell him what happened because he knew Michael wouldn’t believe him. But Michael insists he know, so my dad comes clean and says, “Okay, don’t tell dad, but I saw Bigfoot. Two of them.” (My dad’s family was Baptist and he knew my grandfather wouldn’t have it if my dad told him what he saw)

Michael replies, “No you didn’t!”

Dad: “Yes I did!”

Michael : “Then show me where you saw it”

Dad: “Okay, but here, take my spear and I’ll carve another one for myself just in case”

So they trek back to where my dad had seen the two Bigfoot and they go into the woods that my dad saw them disappear into. They go through and find what looks like two footprints in the mud. This freaks my dad out so he starts running back to camp again thinking Michael is following him from behind. But then my dad hears his little bother screaming for him. “Sammy! Sammy!” At this point my dad is terrified thinking Michael got left behind and is probably getting torn apart and ripped to shreds by Bigfoot, so he turns around and races back to find Michael. When he sees Michael, he’s crouched over a small ravine.

Michael: “Sammy, look!”

Dad: “What is it? Oh. My. God.”

There, in the mud are two huge footprints next to a smaller set of footprints. He describes it as what looks like a Bigfoot had jumped into and out of the ravine and the footprints were parallel to each other. The large footprints are about a foot and a half, if not larger, long. After this, they decide to head back as its getting dark out and they’ve seen enough and are already freaked out. But what happens when they get back to their campsite? Michael spills the beans to my grandpa about what they saw. So my grandpa approached my dad and says:

Grandpa: “Sammy, I don’t think any Christian has ever seen a Bigfoot”

Dad: “I didn’t. I saw TWO!”

Grandpa: “Show me where these tracks are that Michael said you found”

My dad takes him to the site and after a while of silence, my grandpa speaks:

Grandpa: “So, how long did it take you guys to make these tracks?”

My dad is really upset because he knows what he saw and he knew his brother shouldn’t have snitched because their father wouldn’t believe them.

The next morning, my dad, his 3 brothers, and my grandpa make a 5-mile hike into the woods for hunting at early sunrise when my grandpa randomly stops for a moment. My dad follows my grandpa’s gaze to what happen to be more huge footprints in the mud. At this point, my grandpa knows something isn’t right. He knows that it would’ve been impossible for my dad to foretell where they were going to go the next morning for hunting, let alone spend time in the middle of the night making bigfoot tracks in the mud from five miles away into the middle of nowhere in the woods. My dad recalls seeing real fear in my grandpa’s eyes for one of the first time. (My grandpa is a pretty mean and scary man, so for him to be scared is a very unlikely situation). After that trip, my dad says his family never went back to that campsite again.

Fast forward to about 20 years ago from today. My dad’s oldest brother Johnathan visits the old campsite they went to as kids where my dad claims he saw Bigfoot. And apparently now they have a bunch of Bigfoot signs posted up everywhere there after enough reported sightings from over the years. So, one thing is for sure. I’m not quite sure if I believe in Bigfoot, but I 100% believe that my dad believes in Bigfoot.” FJ

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