NYT Hides Story on Site of Arrested Suspect Ouside Kavanaugh’s House

The New York Times on Wednesday tucked away a breaking news story on its website about the man who reportedly wanted to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Instead of placing it at the top of its page, the Times placed the breaking news story in the “more news” section of its website, near the bottom of the site next to a story on Trader Joe’s employees wanting to unionize.

While the Kavanaugh story was in the “more news” section, the Times placed three articles about gun control at the top of its website — one of which was entitled, “‘We Promised to Get Her Ice Cream That Evening’.”

Ironically, the Washington Post reported the suspect apprehended near Kavanaugh’s House was armed and looking to commit an act of political violence against the Supreme Court justice due to a court leak about an abortion ruling.

“Two people familiar with the investigation,” continues the Post, “said the initial evidence indicates the man was angry about the leaked draft of an opinion by the Supreme Court signaling that the court is preparing to overturn Roe. v. Wade[.]”

In the last couple of years, Democrats and their establishment media allies “have sided with, emboldened, and encouraged their Brownshirts in Antifa and Black Lives Matter to engage in political violence,” Breitbart News reported. “Kavanaugh has been a prime target of these lies and hate campaigns for the last three years.”

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