The Destruction of America via Israel & Russia – Interview with Trump Appointee

I’ve run across Australian YouTuber, Brendon O’Connell a few times but I’ve given him a wide berth because of his seeming obsession with Israel, which actually got him jail time in Australia and forced him to permanently flee his country.

Having myself been de-platformed by 11 Big Tech companies since 2019 and blacklisted by NewsGuard, with a DHS hovering in the background, hoping to frame me as a “domestic terrorist”, I don’t have time for the contagion of perceived anti-Semitism. Thus, I don’t engage it whatsoever and I block all such comments. Happily, there are very few.

But on Thursday, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies tweeted this interview with Trump Campaign insider, Jason Furnes and it got my attention, because for the first time, I heard what O’Connell calls “The Gospel” or what I call the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of conspiracy theories, which seemingly unites the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hysterics of the Leftist Establishment with the “Israel! Israel! Israel!” screams from some elements of the Far Right.

O’Connell says we are witnessing an old school, Soviet-Era Russian GRU-KGB/Yuri Andropov-style penetration of the United States’ critical infrastructure (CISA) via Israel – the Russians having already penetrated and taken over Israel during the past 20 years via the tech sector, especially via backdoors installed in all CPU processor chips.   

He says, “That is what has occurred. It is a nightmare and we presume someone is doing something about it in higher circles. We’ve had very interesting people contact us.”

He introduces his guest, Jason Furnes with the caveat that the two disagree on a number of issues but they fully agree on the “primacy of the United States and keeping the economy strong so that the values of the Constitution have a place to sit with the US People – the only people who can do this – promoting awareness of the Constitution and understanding psychological warfare.”

Furnes worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and he was appointed in 2017 to a post at the Department of the Interior and then he worked on the 2020 campaign. He says:

“America is under attack. It is under attack by enemies within our own Federal Government, our military-industrial complex, with the assistance of foreign intelligence agencies.

“That’s Russia, that’s the Israelis – that’s all over the world – that’s ganging up on the United States of America. And the proof is in the pudding. Look at the chaos and duress that our nation is in and the corruption inside of our nation has led to the world being on the brink of nuclear war.”

He says to O’Connell, “Despite our disagreements about certain things, the facts are facts and you are so right: Israel, in partnership with China and Russia has deeply penetrated the innermost circles of the government, here, in the United States of America – and Jared Kushner was one of the worst culprits of all of that, inside the Trump administration, starting from the 2016 Transition Team, dirtying-up Michael Flynn and proceeding to allow Henry Kissinger inside the Trump administration hallways and State Department, in order for him to effectuate his Globalist coup of the United States of America, to deteriorate our nation.

“What happened is, January 6th exposed everything. And my research and my investigation, being there, on the ground at the US Capitol Building, in concert with your information has proven the fact that people like Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and people like Robert Caron, who were in the CIA have helped penetrate inside Trump-affiliated groups since the 2016 days and resulted in Oath Keepers, with Stewart Rhodes, with Henrique Tarrio, in concert with Leftist organizations, to literally try to occupy the US Capitol Building.

“And the only reason why the Federal Government allowed that to happen – because they did know that that was going to happen – they allowed it to happen only because it was going to frame President Trump.”

Sections of what each of them say have been edited-out, in order for O’Connell to avoid being de-platformed by YouTube. I don’t see a place where one can go to see an unedited version. However, these are the salient points:

• Trump was knowingly given false information about foreign election interference in the 2020 Election, mainly through Russ Ramsland and his ASOG, in partnership with Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, potentially Rudy Giuliani, in order for him to declare the Insurrection Act.

• O’Connell describes Sidney Powell as a “Freaking thief, lying piece of garbage”, after having read her ridiculous lawsuit, which she produced after raising tens of millions of dollars from outraged Trump supporters.

• As Steve Pieczenik publicly stated, the CIA’s co-optation and corruption of our politicians in order to get Hillary Clinton into office in 2016 was interrupted by US military intelligence organizations, using Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in order to create a counter-coup to prevent her from winning.

• The New York FBI office was very pro-Trump and they got a hold of the Anthony Wiener laptop, which forced Comey to re-open his investigation of the Hillary Clinton emails, weeks prior to the 2016 Election.

• Furnes blames Jared Kushner for enabling Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne to infiltrate the Trump movement in order to use it against him on January 6th and 2020.

• Furnes says that in Steve Pieczenik’s mind, Mike Pence would take over from Trump, followed by Jared and Ivanka in 2028.

Furnes explains that we’re a in war between these factions plus civilian private contractors, both domestic and foreign, vying to usurp the power of the Presidency and the Federal Government for their own benefit. He says, “Patrick Bergy was absolutely right: when you remove politics from it, it makes sense, because if they need to use Trump to go after their enemies, they will and of they need to attack Trump to go after their enemies, they will.”

There’s a LOT more in this absolutely riveting interview, I highly suggest that you watch it!

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