Woodward on 1/6 Hearing: ‘What Happened Tonight Was Historic’ — ‘Truly Brilliant Presentation’

Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward called the House Select Committee on the January 6 riots “historic.”

Cooper asked, “Was there anything really new tonight? For minds that are already made up, was there anything new that would convince people to look at this in a new light?”

Woodward replied, “Oh, yes. I think what happened tonight was historic. I think it’s a brilliant, truly brilliant presentation by Benny Thompson and by Liz Cheney. Listen to the detail and the — they have it, they have it cold as best I can tell and from my own reporting.”

Discussing former CIA Director Gina Haspel, Woodward said, “This is what she said a week after the election that Trump lost when he fired Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary. Quote, ‘Yesterday was appalling. We are on the way to a right-wing coup. The whole thing is insanity. He, Trump, is acting like a 6-year-old with a tantrum. I think that’s what we saw tonight.”

Woodward added, “I also think this committee has done kind of the equivalent of what happened in the famous Army-McCarthy hearing when Joe McCarthy was accused by a lawyer in a very memorable way saying you have — do you have no shame,” Woodward said. “This committee has essentially said to Donald Trump, do you have no shame?”

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