Dem Rep. Raskin on 1/6 Probe: Of over 1,000 Witnesses, None Said Trump Won in 2020

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Friday on MSNBC’s “All In” that during the House Select Committee investigation into the January 6, of over 1000 witnesses, not one believed President Donald Trump won in 2020.

Raskin said, “The truth has this power in investigations like this because things that seemed obscure or shadowy before suddenly become clear when you hear lots and lots of people talking about it. We had over 1000 witnesses come in and freely talk to us about what was going on. Certain things just achieved a crystalline clarity. One was nobody bought the big lie. The attorney general of the United States put it, BS. They all understood it. There was no there there. It was complete nonsense. It was a joke. You are going to find lots of people commenting on it, and the Republicans are not even challenging that anymore.”

He added, “Also, everybody accepted that Donald Trump was engaged in a sequence of activities to try to vanquish and overthrow Joe Biden’s lawful majority in the electoral college. Everybody just accepted that, and everybody talks about it and the different methods that were used. And then finally, everybody understood completely that this mass crowd was influenced by domestic violent extremist groups that got to the head of it and right to the heart of it. And they were activated and incited and exhorted by all of Donald Trump’s tweets and battlefield instructions along the way over Twitter. We are going to be able to reconstruct the whole thing and tell the story. So, the street fighting and the inside political coup come together in an explosive way on January 6.”

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