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Reader Post | By Guru Noru

I first want to say a Deep Heart felt Thank YOU to the Commander and Chief, Donald J. Trump, All of the Alliance and the White Hats, even the mere words seem totally inadequate, it’s All I Have to Offer, when You are Offering up Your Very Breath and Lives. Thank YOU for Fighting for Humanity’s FREEDOM.

This Moment in Time Will ALWAYS be Remembered in the Annals of History when WE were Set FREE. I’ve been sitting silently on the side lines, Enthralled by all the Tragedy’s, Deception, Lies and Heart Break and Cannot stay Silent any longer. What has Happened in this Great Land to the Face of  JUSTICE? The Greatest Country on the Face of the EARTH, yet the Face of Justice is Hidden from view, not to be seen Anywhere.

Why is She Hiding? Allegedly the Great Plan to Save us, Humanity, from the deep state, cabal, was initiated after the murder of JFK, the Alliance was formed to start and redeem us from the Depths of Slavery and Deprivation we were rapidly Falling Prey to, and to Bring America back to the Vision Our Intelligent, GOD Following Founding FATHERS Had for this Great and Proud Country Guided by His Hand and his Laws and Precepts. If this is the TRUTH and I Believe it is, What Happened between then and Now. We were Usurped by the Devil in Every Aspect of Our Society. When WW 2 ended in Sept. 45, two months later in Nov.20 the Nuremberg trials started. Justice was There. But Nothing after Oklahoma Bombing, what, one man did all that. Not Hardly. People who worked for the ATF were told not to come in to work that day. What about Waco? Then the Worst of ALL, the Pinnacle of American Power and Pride, the TOWERS. Worst yet, NO JUSTICE, NO TRIALS, WTF Happened? So we’re Supposed to Believe that the so Called Alliance, White Hats did not Know this was ANOTHER Inside Job, and Exactly Who Did it, Please, Give me a F___ing Break. Yet these Disgusting Murderers were Allowed to Live out Their Entire adult lives into Old Age like Nothing Ever Happened. How nice for them. There is Something Seriously Wrong Here with this Picture. There Should Have Been Public Trials and Executions with in a year at the most, to Banish these Loathsome creatures off the face of the Earth. We are STILL Waiting and the Time to Hesitate is Through. I’m Pretty Sure it was Busch Jr. that said if the People Ever Found out what we did, they would chase us down the street and HANG us from the Lamp Post. Yes, that’s exactly what Should Have Happened, him and his Partners in Crime. All of the Dirty Rotten SCUM taking Everything They Can from us, WE The PEOPLE. WHERE are YOU ALLIANCE, WHITE HATS. People are Suffering, Losing Everything, even Their Minds. We’re DYING OUT Here! In the words of Jim Morrison, The Time to Hesitate is Through. YOUR Not Operating in GODS World. Whose World are we in Then? PLEASE. PLEASE Get on With it. Enough is Enough. We Love You Mr. President, White Hats, and Alliance. It’s TIME for Lady Liberty and the Face of JUSTICE to Finally be Revealed Again. THANK YOU and Lets Bring Ourselves Collectively Back Into GODS WORLD.


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