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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Folks, things are happening here, just like in the rest of the world. Maybe a little bit different, but events are coming out, which we have been waiting for last year. Still they are, steered by the alliance, veiled by the media. And the chaff separates itself more and more from the wheat. That is good! Aerial bomb discoveries, fires, earthquakes, nocturnal thunder, which suggests battles, “accidents”, building sites in many places and of course scan flights. In the last week even directly over my residential area. The plan is picking up steam, that is my assessment. The political circus is getting crazier and crazier, only a soulless or a deeply indoctrinated can really believe what is being presented. But, you Americans, for example, are experiencing this. Example is the recommendation of the CDC to continue to wear masks because of monkeypox, although it can only be transmitted through intensive physical contact. It’s just grotesque, isn’t it?

A good friend and I have been working on writing down a guided laboratory talk (Labtalk) for several weeks. We have also considered publishing it here on IDC, but it is not so easy to translate everything conformably, because there are also many technical terms in it. But, we are working on it and will surely find a solution. During this labtalk we also talked briefly about Heinz von Förster. From him comes the quote: “Always act in such a way that the number of choices (of your options) becomes larger!”

Heinz von Förster (born November 13, 1911, died October 2, 2002) was an Austrian physicist, professor of biophysics, and long-time director of the Biological Computer Laboratory in Illinois. He is considered a co-founder of cybernetic science and philosophically belongs to radical constructivism. Among his best-known neologisms are second-order cybernetics, lethology, curiosityology, cyberethics.

When I enter this quote into a search engine, a multitude of coaching sites, management consultancies, life coaches, sales trainings, even direct sales, MLM and many more pop up. That’s when I first got suspicious, because these are all activities that don’t really create anything, but are meant to get others to function within the existing system. It’s like a stockbroker or a currency trader. These use the existing system to enrich themselves from others without really creating anything. And this system has been dying before our eyes for some months or years, because nothing was created, there was and is no solid foundation. There have been collapses before and there had to be, because this elite system cannot function permanently.

The statement of Heinz von Förster we should consider nevertheless more exactly, and exactly in these times like now. It could be a great help in everything we are currently doing or not doing. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to have more options to choose from. Let’s take roulette at the casino as an example. Do I place a medium bet on one number or on one field, or do I rather try smaller bets on several numbers or several fields? Or let’s take job applications. Do I write one application or do I write several applications? Already from these examples we can see that it is always better for us to increase the number of our options.

Let us now apply this recommendation to increase our options to the present time. And to the times to come. First and foremost, for me the most important thing in increasing my options is to have a broad view. In the forest I see only single trees (options), but if I step out and go further away, I see a whole forest of options. Close above the ground, my vision is also limited, so I have to rise to the oft-cited 40000 feet altitude or eagle’s eye view. The more I see, the more options I get.

Applied to the flood of news, the flood of information, that means I should include as many points of view as possible. I don’t focus on one channel, one website, one informant, but get broad information. And above all, give everyone a chance. If I listen to only one channel, follow only one channel operator, I narrow myself. I adopt the views, beliefs and attitudes of the one and make them mine. I’ m constricted because I have only one option. That is what is happening to the people out there who still believe the MSM. They are robbing themselves of their options. If I follow only one channel and feel good about it, so I can resonate, that’s OK, but still I have to give other channels/informants a chance. And if it were only to confirm my own feelings about channel 1, I have more than one option.

Related to the times after the RV, the GCR, the event, the change, the transition: there are so many options, so many organizations, groups, foundations or other gatherings of people who mean well with the new world. I’m not naming names now, you know them all, they have all written here on IDC or have been described or addressed by authors. So what happens to me as a currency exchanger if I commit to just one of these institutions? That’s right, I need a tremendous amount of confidence because I’m committing to a single option. No matter who or what it is, no matter what they say, write, or show in videos, I personally have only one option. The question we all have to ask ourselves is, is that enough for us? Is that one option enough for us? Imagine you put all your money on RED in the casino. You have only this one option. And then comes BLACK. Scary, isn’t it?

I have come to know many things in the last months and years. Many groups, many organizations, many people with great ideas and projects. Only seldom was there a MUST, if there was, then I put this option a bit to the back. But I left it, this option. I also didn’t commit to a path, or rather, I left the path that was once set. That’s the good thing for me about this long waiting period, but we’ve already had that topic. I have accepted a certain uncertainty for myself. It was not easy. I get to see almost daily through my work in the channel that others are also insecure. It’s because no one can know what will happen in the future. The future is and will remain uncertain, so I can’t focus on making a decision. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can look into the future because it feels better, because the uncertainty then disappears. I see this uncertainty as an advantage. Because it makes me increase my options. Accepting my uncertainty changes the way I make decisions. From HOPP or TOP to a variety of options that I can choose or not.

All the organizations, groups, foundations or individuals competing for the favor of currency holders are forgetting some important things in my opinion. And take away a lot of options from the currency holders who follow.

The initiator (even the leader of one’s own project) is not the boss or the spokesperson; not everything can or will go the way he or she thinks it will. This is because the contributors are individual people with equally individual ideas, dreams and desires. He can moderate, on the other hand also give a rough direction. But he can’t bring everything down to a common denominator. That is not possible at all. No one can. The only thing he can do is to leave as many options as possible open for himself and for everyone involved. Especially in these uncertain times, when no one really knows how things will go in each individual nation, a variety of options is the be-all and end-all. Previous options will be eliminated, but entirely new options will be added. Life is complex, will remain complex and no initiator/leader/organizer can know everything and analyze an issue from all angles. And certainly not plan.

This has led me to wait and see, to observe, and to pursue and visualize only a rough goal. And I know that by now many see it that way, too, and have reduced their plans to a basic plan because of the obvious unplannability. And there are also just as many who prefer to plan, work out, compute, calculate, down to the smallest detail. And that has its justification, because here, too, the rule is: allow as many options as possible. Maybe it will turn out exactly as those who have planned it, who knows? But when you do something like this, please leave the others, the contributors, options as well. What good is it to me and my future community if everyone has to dance to my tune? I think log houses are beautiful, I would like to build a whole village with them. What do I do if a really great person with great skills wants to join but thinks mud huts are great or hobbit caves? Or what do I do with someone who wants to join but isn’t really good at anything? Who has hidden skills that aren’t immediately obvious? Do I deny him access to the community? Do I, as the initiator, set rules, or do I let the community decide, which I don’t even know yet?

You can already tell, can’t you? The more I put myself, my idea, my project in the foreground, plan all of it according to MY ideas, with MY rules and specifications, with MY wishes and dreams, the more I give away options. My own options and the options of others.

That’s why I said goodbye to planning, and which organizations/foundations/groups or individuals I will follow, I will decide when I have gathered enough information. Now I can’t do that, I can’t look into the future. I can only visualize my own individual vision of my future, and that will hold many options for me and for everyone involved. The more open I am to all possibilities, the more I go into the eagle perspective, the more different information I gather, the more options I have. And when the waiting period is over, the RV has run and everyone can start with their projects and organizations, I gather more facts and then plan everything else. It is then also a marathon and not a sprint. No race among the project leaders. The world is big enough for everyone. We all have time, no one is pushing us to do anything anymore. The money we will get is certainly meant for doing good. But certainly not rushed, but thoughtfully, when all the facts are known to plan.

“Always act in such a way as to increase the number of choices (of your options)!”

Thank you, Heinz von Förster, rest in peace. A great quote, a great perspective, a great recommendation!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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