US/Western Weapons to Ukraine for Russia to Destroy

No matter how many billions of dollars worth of weapons et al sent by the US/Western, the Zelensky regime keeps screaming for more.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s so-called military chief, Oleksey Reznikov, feigned a brave face by falsely claiming that “we do not fear the Kremlin (sic),” at the same time adding:

The regime is “losing our best sons and daughters.”

So he called for:

A “significant amount of NATO-type (multiple launch rocket system) units with ammo.”

Replace “existing Soviet-type” weapons with NATO platforms and ammo, he roared.

Send “hundreds of heavy armored vehicles, fighter jets, anti-aircraft, and missile defense systems to protect our skies,” adding: 

“I cannot say that I am satisfied with the tempo and quantity of weapon supplies. Absolutely not.”

“Our goal is to defeat Russia (sic) — ignoring that Ukraine’s military nears collapse.

No matter how much more the US/West throws at Kiev won’t change a thing on the ground.

According to the latest so-called Institute for the Study of War (ISW) propaganda report:

Ukraine “urgent(ly) needs more sophisticated Western-provided weapons systems” — for Russia to target and destroy.

Adding a kernel of truth-telling, ISW stressed the superiority and numerical advantage of Russia’s sophisticated artillery, what its forces are using daily to batter and defeat Ukrainian troops.

And Ukies “exhausted their artillery ammunition,” said the ISW.

It falsely claimed that Russian forces “are mining the Kherson Oblast” — ignoring that they’re demining liberated areas.

In the last 24 hours alone, Russian sappers neutralized about 2,000 Ukrainian mines and other explosive devices.

Separately on Friday, the Macron regime told puppet Zelensky to expect six more CEASAR howitzers with a range of up to 40 km.

Others were sent earlier, perhaps already eliminated by Russian forces.

According to Lugansk official Rodion Miroshnik, Severodonetsk and its residential areas were liberated by Russian and LPR forces.

Mopping up operations are ongoing.

Ukrainian forces were “almost completely driven out of the city’s industrial zone and forced into the Azot” chemical plant.

Several hundred are holed up inside the plant, holding civilians hostage as human shields, Miroshnik adding:

“Contact (was) established with the militants.”

“Talks are underway on the safe withdrawal of civilians from the plant.”

“Ukrainian forces will receive guarantees that their lives will be spared, and they will be given humane treatment under the relevant international laws if they release the hostages, lay down their arms and surrender without conditions.”

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Ukrainian Nazi thugs “rigged tanks containing dangerous chemicals (nitric acid, ammonia, and ammonium nitrate) with explosives, and plan to blow them up during retreat.”

Ukrainian Nazis are also holding workers hostage inside Kramatorsk’s Konditsioner plant, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, adding:

They placed explosives inside an Avdeyevka chemical plant.

And reportedly they intend to shell a Zmiyovskaya thermal power station in eastern Kharkov — then falsely blame all of the above war crimes on Russia.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry updated the toll on Ukraine’s greatly degraded military as follows, saying:

“High-precision air-launched missiles destroyed a base of foreign mercenaries near the Avdeyevka settlement in the Kharkov region.”

Russian missiles and artillery “hit 231 areas where Ukrainian troops and military equipment were deployed in the past 24 hours, as well as 13 command points and 42 firing positions of artillery units.”

Over 300 more Nazified thugs were killed.

Another 11 armored vehicles, two Grad multiple rocket launchers, ten field artillery pieces, nine motor vehicles, as well as nine field weapons and fuel depots were destroyed.

Two more Ukrainian warplanes and 12 UAVs were eliminated.

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