Video: Michigan Police Say They Won’t Respond To All 911 Calls Because Fuel Prices Are Too High

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Sheriff’s office has “blown through their fuel budget already”

As gas prices spiked to another all time high Thursday, a police department in Michigan announced that they will not be able to respond to all emergency calls because they can’t afford the fuel.

ABC News reported that the Isabella County Sherriff’s office have “blown through their fuel budget already,” so they will respond to some calls by phone rather than turning up in person.


The Sheriff told reporters that it will be “several months” before a new fuel budget is passed.


Gas prices have rocketed beyond $5 per gallon in Michigan, with the national average now at $4.97, according to AAA data.

Prices have soared for twelve consecutive days, and have risen 26 cents in just one week and 65 cents in a month. The prices have more than doubled since Joe Biden entered the White House.

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