(Reader: Freedom Lover) Are you part of the Problem?

Reader Post | By Freedom Lover 


It seems like this site has been taken over by too many articles that are complaining about President Trump and the White Hats/Alliance. I quit reading the articles from the complainers a long time ago, but I have to scroll through the titles to see if the article is worth reading.  You know who you are.  One article wasn’t enough.  You keep writing more and more and if some responded to your article because they agreed with you, it has now fueled you to keep writing. But please stop.  

Most of the time your complaints are against Trump and the Alliance.  So why are you not writing to him and sending your emails to his office? Go to 45office.com. Why are you infesting this site with negativity?  Send your letters to where it will do the most good.  

Remember we’ve been told many times that the old must fall for the new to come in. And we’ve been told that the only way is for the people to be shown. And who said war was going to be easy? But yet you’re complaining because the old is falling and we’re being shown the evil and corruption. We get it – you’re angry, you’re fed up and you’ve had enough.  But we don’t have to hear about it every few days.   

So, my question is:  Are you part of the problem? 

Humanity is where it is not only because of the evil ones, but also because our vibrational level is low.  Complaining is a low vibration activity.  Also, what you put your focus on is what you will get more of.  The more negative articles you write, the more negativity you will experience.  The problem is that your negative articles are being read by thousands (or even millions) which is contributing to the overall consciousness level of humanity.  This is prolonging and extending the take down of the evil.  If we would all raise our vibrational level, this show would be over very fast.   

The future is just a potential.  It is never fully set until it happens.  The Collective Conscious- ness belief of what will happen literally controls what’s going to happen.  If more people believe in the doomsday scenario, then the probability is 100%.   

Our combined belief in what will happen literally changes the future.  The Dark Side knows this.  It’s playing out in real life right now.  Everywhere you look things are wrong and going downhill. We’re all doomed.  Oh no! This is exactly what they want you to think because it controls the future. 

If you only focus on what’s going wrong in the world, then might you actually be feeding that?  Energy can’t be created or destroyed, just transferred.  So, your attention is actually energy and energy feeds whatever you focus on.  So,all that energy combined from our attention and focus is called Collective Energy and is our collective level of consciousness.   

So, you have to start taking your power back.  It starts with awareness. Where is your energy currently going?  Our future is determined by you and everyone’s combined focus/conscious- ness. Focus on changing yourself.  When you change yourself then you can share that change with others.  When enough people do this, we all literally change and we can manifest a different future for humanity.  We cannot transcend darkness with more darkness.  Only light can do that.   

Just a suggestion, but the time and energy spent on writing an article full of complaints could be spent on writing an inspirational article that will raise the reader’s consciousness.  We can then move from darkness into light.  

We’re in this together, so let’s pull together.  

Sending love to all.


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