Microscopic Video of Engineered Bio Structures Removed from Blood Vessels

Mike Adams and Harrison Smith examine strange rubberband-like tissue that Richard Hirschman, a professional embalmer from people who “died suddenly” that appear to be engineered to grow inside the body.

Vaxxed people are walking around with these things inside of them and the increased incidence of strokes and heart attacks that we’ve been seeing may be from pieces of these things circulating into the victims’ hearts and brains.

A physician who is shielding his identity calls in to corroborate these findings, telling Mike and Harrison, “Apparently, what’s happening is these injections are re-programming our DNA or RNA to produce these new proteins, forming these new structures.

“What prompted me to call you was that we’re seeing a huge influx of people that are coming into the hospitals and urgent cares with what we call, claudication, which is usually from peripheral vascular disease or peripheral artery disease, which is blockages in their extremities that can cause issues with blood flow to your tissues.

“And we’re seeing a huge, skyrocketing amount of patients that we’re seeing that have these types of issues.”

He says these cases are skyrocketing in relatively young patients, which the doctor says, “Is unheard-of.”

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