(Reader: Victor) Response to Helping Freedom Win about “GK Regarding Kim Goguen”

Reader Post | By Victor

First of all Kim Goguen is not a shill. Now it is correct that GK is taking private published videos and sharing them on this Operation Disclosure forum. I Wrote to Gk here in the past and told him that what he was doing KIM had asked everyone not to do.

It is a paid subscription for your own personal use…..not for free distribution of a product you do not own or make. It does not matter what GK thinks is his right to brake a contract for the greater good as he calls it. It is not his place to steal a product and share it as if he had completed rights to it when he does not. So he is not an honorable person when it comes down to it because he does not care if he does something he is not supposed to do.

Now last week he posted a crazy stupid video that was a surprize to me that Patrick printed it?…Why?…It was pure crap!…to make fun of KIM?…..Really?….thats BS….imo. It was so low level and pathetic that you really have to wonder if humanity will ever get out of their selfish gutter as GK enjoys living in…where it appears that is the level that he get likes or views as humor when it was a personal low level attack worthy of the deep state …ALL GOOD FOR HIM…..which it really is not good for anyone else.

 KIm is not a shill even though YOU the audience can not see it or comprehend it…..because of your own low level of development and state of deep psychological sleep. She has said that good old Trump is not a good guy an neither is good old Juan…..none of these two are good God-loving people.

In fact she has said Trump is dead and the family is going along with the con and Juan is CIA disinformation. All that makes sense if you have listened to her for the last three years as I have and in fact I have known of her over 9 years ago when we where still talking dinar revaluations with Tank and all the other Characters like the missing Richard. So I have been following her for a long time and used to write a lot more here until the level became so low that the audience can not hear the pearls of wisdom or pick them up.

I think it is going to be extremely hard for the whole human collective to realize that EVERYTHING…..THAT THEY BELIEVE IN IS WRONG AND A LIE!

I am afraid that is so and the shocks will now come fast and supper hard. I recommend subscribing to the UNN TV CHANNELS and getting KIM’s intel included. I pay $15 bucks but I am an old timer so I get a discount and not I think its like $18 bucks and it includes everything and the TV is so much cheaper that I cancelled my $150 dollar DirectV I had in the past.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT…..of what TV to get for a deal…..The point is that she just put out a NEW program called “THE REAL HISTORY”….of the world and EVERYTHING! I just finished the first show which is about half a hour long and there will be many more for a long time to come out.

We are all going to have to relearn about EVERYTHING…..and I mean everything. Because reality is NOTHING LIKE WE HAVE BEEN TOLD. White hats if they exist?….IMO…..they don’t because we have been slaves here for millions of years here and as KIM explained in her first history show.So all hats are slave hats as I see it. She said that “We” are the 7th type of humans here and we have been degenerated for a long time from what we were originally.

She hints that it may be possible to return this past earth glory and perhaps our own glory as we were originally created and what we used to be?. I am not sure about that or how it would go and I may have heard it all in a very hopeful manner.? We will find out and nothing can be more exciting than that.

All of this means YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN AN OPEN MIND …..because because everyone here (this whole planet)  is lost ….COMPLETELY LOST…..AND NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. So to spend $18 bucks to get the TRUTH?….SUCH A BARGAIN!…There is no better deal because no one is telling it as it is. ….and whne we find out what really happend?

Everyone will blow their tight noodles are all going to have to get along because no one knows anything of the real history of the world and how we got here.BUT NOW YOU CAN KNOW IF YOUR NOT TOO FAR GONE?

Sincerely Victor


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