Fox News joins woke media bandwagon, features outrageous segment on California transgender teen

(Natural News) Fox News was one of the sole media holdouts that refused to jump on the transgender propaganda bandwagon, hyping and promoting dangerous ‘transition’ treatments for children who claim to they are ‘misgendered’ though most grow out of that phase within a few years.

But that independent streak has ended.

The network was blasted after airing a disgusting propaganda piece worthy of CNN and MSNBC over the weekend that caused no shortage of outrage and condemnation among conservatives who were shocked by what they saw.

One of the prominent conservative critics was Allie Beth Stuckey of BlazeTV’s “Relatable” show.

“I’m stunned that Fox News ran a segment celebrating a girl whose parents ‘transitioned’ her into a boy when she was 5 because she apparently told them she was a boy ‘before [she] could talk.’ Absolutely maddening & heartbreaking,” she began in a Twitter thread that contained a video clip of Fox News’ report.

“Featured is CA State Sen Scott Wiener, who just suggested requiring Drag Queen 101 for K-12, who wrote the bill preventing pedophiles from registering as sex offenders if their victim was 10 or > yrs younger & the bill lessening the penalty for knowingly exposing someone to HIV,” she continued.

“Perhaps they should watch @MattWalshBlog’s doc, read Abigail Shrier’s book, and read the many reports by @WomenReadWomen about the unspeakable harm and predation involved in ‘transitioning’ children. It doesn’t get more wicked,” Stuckey added.

“For those saying, ‘why are you stunned?’ Look – of course we all knew most at Fox are socially liberal. But THIS? Is a whole other level. It’s as extreme and depraved as it gets,” the BlazeTV host went on.

“We’ve done many episodes on this, but here’s a recent one on the dark history & modern reality of transitioning children. It is worse than you can imagine,” she continued in a tweet that contained a link to one of her podcasts in which she discussed the subject.

Other conservatives blasted the network as well over the segment, per the Daily Wire:

Most notably, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro and podcast host and author Matt Walsh — both of whom are sometimes guests on Fox News — made lengthy comments condemning the segment, which seemed woke even by MSNBC or CNN standards.

Shapiro bluntly called the report “absolute, horrifying propaganda,” condemning the actions of Ryland’s parents as “child abuse.”

Walsh encouraged other conservatives to “call this evil lunacy out wherever we see it. Especially on our own side.”

Kathryn Jean Lopez, writing at National Review, criticized Fox News in a piece, titled “The Transgender Contagion Includes Fox News.”

“Given that Caitlyn Jenner is a commentator on Fox News, it is not really a shock that the network would run transgender propaganda to the detriment of the family,” Lopez wrote.

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