Gray metallic disc shaped craft with beings communicate with witness

Location. Nancy, France

Date: November 15 1969 Time: 1700

The witness was at his window awaiting the pigeons, which he usually feeds when he sees behind a nearby chimney, a transparent cupola with two heads inside. Initially there is no reaction from the witness but suddenly he turns to the window and sees the object flying slowly from behind the chimney, it is a gray metallic disc shaped craft with a transparent cupola on top. Many lights resembling those of car headlights are visible around the circumference of the object. The witness exclaims: “But it’s a saucer!” and hears a voice whispered outside his ear: “Yes, it is a saucer; do not be afraid, it was necessary that you see it”. The two beings inside the dome then look at themselves and then turn their heads towards the witness while smiling at him, and then their heads disappear inside the object. At that same moment two other UFOs identical to the first, also with visible figures inside transparent cupolas fly over the roofs above 70 meters from him. The first object joins the other two and all three flies towards the north. The witness attempts to notify his neighbors but finds himself in a kind of stupor with his face and hands swollen and a red bump on his forehead. A red scar on the forehead was still visible in 1978.

HC addition # 2418

Source: Figeut/Ruchon, Ovni Dossier

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