(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Response to KS about “Stop Acting Like the Liberals”, Need to be More like Eastwood

Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Thank you KS for agreeing with what I’ve said, I too agree with what you said as well, yes we are fed up with it all, including our enslavement in this matrix reality. How others including the White Hats are allowing Schwab’s agenda to continue, while blaming we the people due to some high percentage of awakening such as 80-100% before the WH’s will do anything, really talk about moving the goal post? As the WH’s became the new Dark State rulers, while repeating the same BS and system. As they allowed the evil doers to flourish, and agendas to continue as more suffer and die from various causes in the battle of good vs evil. Why we can’t see what the new system is supposed to be that benefits we the people? What happened to “show and tell”, then?

The longer this continues, the more we the people will blame the White Hats for the death and destruction thereof of our world, but of course that was always the plan isn’t it WH’s? Yes, Patriots need to be like Eastwood in Gran Torino and tell these evil doers to get off your damn lawn!!  Real Patriots and Truthers are sick and tired of the BS lies, the suffering of humanity, and on the animals. It’s worse when those who know better and allow evil to flourish. For those who trust the narrative, the plan, etc. are nothing more than followers in the cult such those in the New Age are separate from Jesus Christ.

You will always have those who are leaders, team members, and followers.  Including those who are awake, in the middle, don’t care, ignorant, stupid, or evil.  The battle of good vs evil has been going on since the beginning of time.  As a man/woman thinketh in their heart, so shall it be.  That’s why those such as KS and myself have been at you WH/Alliance to own up and get off your high castles and get the job done if you are truly with, we the people. If not, we know you are Deep State 2.0. Ignorance is beyond no defense. Didn’t Jesus Christ call us to expose these evil doers then as sunlight is the best disinfectant? Ephesians 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

You the Alliance/WH’s still have time not only to repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, place faith and trust in God, but to get off your high castle prove that you are truly with we the people, not be fueled by $$, and get rid the job done. Because there is no need to collapse countries that leads to Civil War and/or World War III.  Do you seriously want us to end up like Shanghai and Sri Lanka?  If you the alliance want to really make the transition from dark to the light, please do so without interference in people’s lives.  Do you seriously need to be burning homes, to the floods, earthquakes, etc. under the guise of destroying the DUMBS?  You should know who benefits from the destruction of communities as Blackrock and FEMA are buying up these areas.  By allowing their agendas to continue are far worse, deceives humanity, lowers vibrations, increase divide and conquer, and places the blame on you.

For those who believe in the “collective consciousness” and only focus on the positive that’s great good for you if have the time for that and more, but again if you are going to call out the positive, you’ve got to expose the negative, as we are called by God to expose the darkness.  Again, there will always be this battle of good vs evil, it’s your choice via free will as to whom you really serve?  None of us have all of the answers nor pretend to know everything nor are able to do everything.  We all need healing on all levels of our lives.  All of us will be working on ourselves including our own truth from cradle to grave.  More are being destroyed on all fronts from going homeless, hungry, dying from various causes, etc.  But when we the people aren’t given the resources to fully take down these evil doers in our own communities, speaks volume.  An armed society is not only a polite society, but those who give up liberties for temporary security deserve neither.

We know that this won’t be easy to defeat these evil doers as the darkness runs very deep, but you the Alliance need to be upfront, true to principle, and not blaming us for your problems within.  How do we know that the new Q system will truly benefit humanity then?  We haven’t seen how this will work in our own communities and well aware of the 6000 patents that are suppressed.  What happened to taking over Fakestream media then or is that all lies, because under the sheeple zombies and order followers eyes they won’t believe unless the TV mind control programming and other indoctrination centers told them to, okay?  No excuses for allowing our world to be destroyed that benefits the beast rather than the creator, conditioning and deceiving those to sit there and do nothing while claiming to “trust the plan” and you claim to be in control?  Think about whom you really serve as one cannot serve both God and Satan? Would you please expose your true colors, grow up and own up already or what?  Why? Because I’m one of many patriots who are fed up and really want to be free from the matrix system.  Can’t stand the destruction of the animals and humans that have done no harm to anyone.  I sincerely hope better comes out of this that you get from where we are coming from as we are NOT YOUR SLAVES TO BE GIVEN BREADCRUMBS AND DISTRACTIONS, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS CREATED IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD.  Any questions?


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