The Perfect Storm For Violence Approaches – Four-Plus Months Of Likely Riots And You Do Not Want To Be In A Crowded Democrat-Run City When All Hell Breaks Loose

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The other day I wrote about a Homeland Security alert warning of upcoming “mass casualty violence” over the course of the next few months, but knowing where the violence and rioting will be most prevalent, could literally be the difference between life and death.

A Quick Look At The Facts:

We know protests become violent as soon as groups like Antifa and BLM show up. We have also seen and documented how those protests turned to riots happen in cities run by liberal leaders, because the rioters know they will face much less opposition to their violence, arson, vandalism and looting.


We also know by statistics that the most crime ridden of cities, the ones with the highest murder rates by the end of 2021, are democrat-run cities.

A noticeable spike in violent crime and murders directly coincided with the democrat “defund the police” movement.

As midterms near and even democrat strategists are predicting a red wave bloodbath for democrats, the media, liberals online, and democrat politicians claim they never supported defunding the police.

The problem in this day and age with trying to rewrite history is almost everything is captured on video, so we do have the evidence of what they are trying to hide, in the video below titled “7 Minutes of Democrats Saying Defund The Police.”


Showing how sick and tired Americans are becoming of the soft-on-crime liberal policies, what is arguably the most radically liberal city in the United States, San Francisco, CA,  just recalled their Soros-backed District Attorney, because crimes has become unbearable.

Progressive prosecutors who back criminals over public safety have fueled chaos and lawlessness in cities across America, and now even left-leaning San Francisco voters have had enough: On Tuesday, they booted their progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin in a 60-40 landslide recall election that should be a warning to similar prosecutors nationwide.

Many of those radical DAs — Chicago’s Kim Foxx, Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, Los Angeles’ George Gascón, New York City’s own Alvin Bragg — came to office with the help of cash (more than $40 million since 2014, per one estimate) from billionaire George Soros, who essentially seeks to end consequences for crime.

Now their cities are paying the price: In LA, crime’s up 12% this year; Philly, 22%. In Chicago, major crime has soared 34%; New York, 43%.

San Francisco voters were sick of it. Sick of rampant homelessness and drug-dealing on the streets, the spike in murders (37%) and burglaries (45%) under Boudin and the endless break-ins, property crimes, shoplifting and auto thefts.

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