Are Tracking Devices for Migrant Control a Slippery Slope?

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I refuse to write too much about politics, to be honest. Political articles just foster endless arguments within a common-sense vacuum, resulting in hurt feelings and collateral damage. I don’t typically find it worth it.

However, we must agree that every government endlessly looks to increase its level of control over society. They have done this forever. Every now and then, things get out of control, and someone not exactly loved by the crowd they once ruled over ends up hanging from a pole, or with his/her head in a basket, or some other creative and sanguinary means the crowd decided to use as a lesson for the future. Unless politicians can control the most outstanding (so to speak) elements of society, those who can actively react and build up some social pressure, they do not maintain their power for long.


Technology has arrived to “save the day,” though.

I’m the first advocate of some technologies that I consider utterly indispensable for a prepper. The GPS, night vision, remote sensing, CNC machining (this is a heck of a tool for DIYers), 3D printing – all of these devices provide special abilities, are relatively affordable, and last for a long time with basic maintenance. This is good technology.

Not every advance is always for the greater good, unfortunately. Dangerous precedents abound regarding the use of technology to control and mitigate the people’s freedoms. For example? It looks as if phones and ankle devices will be used to track migrants at the US borders.

migrant control
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

At first, tracking devices were for criminals – or persons of interest, at the very least. The evolution of these tracking technologies, though, is clear. GPS ankle trackers have been in use for quite some time already in some countries. What called my attention to this article, however, is how this technology seems to have extended itself. They’re talking about using biometric data like fingerprint scanning and voice-recognition to verify the identity of the targeted people.

What I find highly interesting is that something has changed, and now the technology to track the illegals is simple –  plain cellphones. Not only are they much cheaper, but they look much better in the eyes of the public than an imposed ankle device.

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I am talking about illegal migrant control.

The situation is like this: a migrant gets immediately transported to detention camps once they have been taken captive and placed under detention. A protocol is activated.

Then, to avoid detention in those centers for an unknown period, migrants opt for accepting the ankle device, or a phone that can’t access the internet or make calls – it can only receive calls where the migrant will be given updates of their migration status from the official facilities.

migrant control

I know some of you may be thinking that this is correct, especially for criminals. I would be the first interested in learning if the police have some means to track the convicted felon that spent ten years in prison and then was relocated by the government 4-5 blocks away from the home I lived in with my wife and kids.

But the thing is this: once you have read a book or two in your life and experienced quite a few setbacks, you start understanding how those power-sick people think. They don’t care about the general welfare of society. All they want is control. And to do this they’ll crush any sort of civilian organization that could lead to a possible revolt that ends with them (and their criminal record) exposed to the public. This is how they avoid justice.

I have written previously about how Fabianism is one of the methods that collectivists use to force populations to adopt the control Fabians want to impose. They do this through slow changes. So slow, they’re imperceptible to a society sedated by TikTok videos and other stupidity; a society unable to organize, distracted by empty arguments engineered to work as a smoke curtain.

How far do they expect to go with this?

They go until people underneath of them decide that enough is enough. Why is this so worrisome for those with some semblance of common sense?

Personally, I witnessed and was a victim of food rationing down here. They scanned my fingerprints in the supermarket to ensure my compliance. Think about the ramifications of this. 

Should someone appear in a blacklisted database as a “resistance” member or someone belonging to the “opposition party,” this person could have been detained IMMEDIATELY. At the very leastgetting groceries would have been nearly impossible. Do you believe this is not happening already?

Oh, and it is interesting to know that the supermarkets in Venezuela are almost entirely in possession of Chinese nationals.

Lessons from Javier Santana

What happened to former Socialist party supporter, Professor Javier Santana? From being a supporter, he just had to admit what a huge mistake it was to allow the current Marxist gang to take over. He is now a declared enemy of the Party. He is a target now and can’t leave the country. The national ID agency says he cannot submit his passport because of alleged “problems with his fingerprints.” This affects his work as an international researcher. (You can read more about his story here and here if you speak Spanish.)

Technology evolves rapidly. It’s a tool, yes, but it’s a tool that will be used against you. Javier Santana is proof of that.

There are some other examples I could add. Take the Social Credit Score in China, for example.

Using facial recognition to find someone who has crossed the street in the wrong place is terrifying. Absolute power will corrupt absolutely. Why do you need to get your face scanned everywhere you go…and pay for this spying with your work? “Because of your own safety”? Is anyone out there buying this nonsense?

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