Watch: Medical Experts Mock the Idea of Wearing Masks to Stop Viruses Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

“Masks. Yeah, I think there are situations where masks, we are not recommending that the whole population wear masks. First of all, it would be very hard to find robbers and assailants. Just picture 30 people coming into a manhole with masks *laughs* which one is the bank robber?” Dr. Mark S. Drapin, infectious disease specialist, joked. “So, it’s not recommended sort of, you know, countrywide.”


“I mean, I’m more likely to wear a dust mask when I’m in air pollution in China than I am to wear a face mask to protect myself from disease,” Pulitzer Prize and Peabody Award winning journalist Laurie Garrett said in a 2018 video. “First of all, there are very few that work. And I was part of a large study commission by the Sloan foundation a few years ago where we were thinking about influenza pandemics. Okay.”

“And we kind of went through the list of every kind of mask out there,” Garrett went on. “And it’s pretty clear as soon as even the most sophisticated N 95 or surgical mask get moist. You see a rapid reduction in the efficiency of blocking virus with the mask. Well, what happens when you wear a mask for four hours, you’re basically recycling what it smells like and what’s inside your mouth over and over again onto the inner surface of the mask. And not only does it stink and *laugh* get pretty disgusting after a while, but you’re also exhaling moisture. So the whole mask begins to deteriorate.”

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