4000 excess deaths during May in Spain – media call for answers

 By Luke Roughley

June 15, 2022

Source: fstop123, Getty Images


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Official data from Spain’s Daily Mortality Monitoring System (MOMO) shows an excess in deaths of more than 4000 than the usual May average.

According to government data from the Ministry of Health, Spanish media outlet La Razon has reported that 3000 of those 4000 deaths were from Covid-19. Still, the publication questioned the high number of fatalities attributed to Covid-19, considering that over 90% of Spaniards are vaccinated, according to government figures.

Graph showing the rise in excess mortality: Source: La Razon, text in Spanish

Cases of cardiovascular diseases, myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, thrombocytopenia, sudden death (SADS), and cancer are rising dramatically with no explanation from Spanish officials prompting the publication.

“A thousand more deaths from other causes also lack explanation, and the Ministry of Health should clarify the reason.”

“These figures are striking,” the Spanish news outlet said.

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