(Reader: Victor) The Difference Between Right and Wrong

Reader Post | By Victor

There is a difference between right and wrong that is not of a subjective nature. If you look at the work of Dr David Hawkins, you will see that he created a calibrated chart on Human Consciousness. This chart and material can be found in all of his books. One of the first explaining this objective calibrated chart of all of reality is called……” POWER VS FORCE”.

In that book he explains what most people do not know that the difference between right and wrong. and that can be clearly calibrated, quantified and understood….(but not by those that are below a certain calibrated level of consciousness) Meaning that those below having at least 50% the Truth operate in their being,  THEY will NOT be able to tell the difference between right and wrong. 

He created this map of Consciousness and created a scale of one to a thousand and 200. That 200 level is the baseline or the dividing point where a human being can tell the difference between right and wrong, since they have a majority of the awareness dominated by the Universe or SOURCES TRUTH.

For example he calibrated a serial killer at a low level of 10 while a person like Christ was at a 1,000. He goes on to explain that an Arch Angle is at 50,000 plus on his scale or off the charts for humanities purpose in understanding themselves. This means that a person below 200 has certain attributes which he clearly explains in his book. He explains how they see the world and how they “OPERATE”…..in where they do not value honesty for example. Where some one above 200, if they find a wallet on the ground at Home Depot with $500 dollars in it, they will bring it into the store and try to return it to the right owner.

Now another person calibrating  below 200 see’s the world and himself COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and what that “he is owed something from the world ?”…..as he sees it. From his subjective point of view. A below 200 person….He will take a completely different action because in a way he is a slave to his low level. He will take the money and run and say… “God”….blessed me today!…PRAISE THE LORD!….Let’s go and get a free drink and have a party for me!!!.

So it is?…..and how the latter person sees reality. Now I simplified a whole book where a very limited reality of below 200 is mainly all about self serving arrogance and narcissism. Not much service to others at that level because the thought never enters their small world. This means “You can lead a jackass to water but you can not force him to drink it.”…. Why?….because “….:ITS A LEVEL THING”…. A persons level of development or lack there off? This does not mean that one level is better than another?…or does it? Dr Hawkins said it does not because in the end…It is just SOURCE being ALL AND EVERYTHING…..only the ONE IS HERE.

Yet?…..when living with jackasses?…..if one is smart enough or calibrated high enough. You recognize that nothing can be said by “YOU”  to raise the level of a person  beyond what they can comprehend….OR WHAT THEY ARE? Meaning that in an average lifetime, people do not change very much and a 5 point raise in calibration is a lot or the average formost humans.Now this means that not everyone chooses to grow in awareness or go upward, since the jails and insane asylums are very full of those that love their EGO more than the TRUTH.

For those that can hear and are interested in Self Development, his books are worth reading as is KIM Gougens new series explaining the TRUE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. To those that are not interested in development?….Well they will just continue chew their cuds or not?….Do jackasses chew their cuds?….Hmmm?….may be its just dumb cows who do that since they have 5 stomachs. I think and jackasses have less stomachs since they are not that far along in their development ?…..imo

Sincerely Victor


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