Watch: NY Post Correspondent Accuses White House Of ‘Blacklisting’ Reporters They Don’t Like

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

A New York Post reporter implied Thursday that the White House is actively ‘blacklisting’ correspondents and outlets they don’t like from events.

The Post’s Steven Nelson told Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre “For more than a year now the White House press office has been having … press events in the state room, state dining room, the executive office building,” adding that “There’s a process where people are selected and able to go into these presidential events where the president often takes questions.”

Nelson continued, “The correspondence association has tried in vain to figure out how this process works,” adding that “overtime it has kind of morphed into a kind of black list where certain large media outlets such as my own are—,”

He was then cut off by Jean-Pierre who expressed shock at the use of the term ‘black list’ and feigned ignorance.

I’m just saying I represent the fourth largest newspaper in the country and I haven’t been selected since November,” Nelson responded.


The New York Post was the outlet that broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, and was subject to social media ostracisation and accusations of spreading Russian disinformation, before it became clear the story was accurate.

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