Rational Nosocomephobia?

 Are we doing more harm than good in the name of pubic “health”?

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Jun 18

People have been asking me what I think of the CDC approval of these vaccine for babies and young children, and I have to ask them, do you really not know what I think?

I mean, seriously?

Have you looked at the VAERS data lately? The CDC apparently has not. In the USA alone, there have been 831,801 adverse events, of which 12,776 are life threatening. There have been 63,978 hospitalizations. There have been 13,293 deaths and 14,232 permanent disabilities from these vaccines. True, these are “unverified – but previous research has shown that the VAERS system under-reported adverse events associated with vaccines, not over-reports. Physicians and health care professionals rarely report adverse events past the 30 day window, so the true number of adverse events are unknown. But we do know that they are higher than reported. Remember that the mRNA in these vaccines continues to produce spike protein for at least 60 days. Then there are the international post-vaccine adverse event summaries

The CDC, under Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) has now admitted that even though they had promised to analyze the VAERS data before advising about these vaccines for children, they did not. The VAERS data were NOT taken into consideration before the authorization of these genetic agents for babies and young children. Frankly, this is shocking. So shocking, it is hard for me to even write about it.

Now, approximately 430 children with other severe illnesses have died with COVID in the last 2.5 years (that would be 172 per year). Plus there have been 2,600 hospitalizations of children, must with underlying conditions over that 2.5 year period. These numbers show that even before Omicron, in the case of children, COVID is less severe than flu. By way of comparison, on average influenza virus infection kills about 200 children yearly (the  H1N1pandemic 2009-10 had 358 pediatric flu-related deaths). Just like with COVID, 78% of those deaths were in children with other co-morbidities. 

Omicron in children is much less severe. We know this. The scientific evidence is clear. Yet the FDA goes back to data from DELTA variant when discussing the effects of this virus. 

Now that omicron is here; the vaccine is completely mismatched for the circulating variant, further vaccination with this mismatched product will continue to drive development of viral escape mutants that evade both monoclonal antibodies as well as vaccine-induced antibodies, and the effects of the vaccine are minimal at best at stopping transmission or disease in children and healthy, young adults. The adverse events and death rate are quite significant with these genetic vaccines, and there is some evidence of enhanced disease in the “fully” innoculated (three, four, five doses?). Something that our government refuses to research. In fact, there is evidence in countries such as Portugal, that there is more disease in the vaccinated. Remember that other nations, such as those in Africa, with very low vaccination rates, have had the least amount of death and disease. 

Needle Phobia

Giving children booster after booster, injection after injection, week after week is not only a bad idea for control of the virus, it is also psychologically unhealthy for children. Just stop and think for a minute, the Pfizer vaccine is a THREE dose regime as an initial prime-boost. There will be more, because we know that three doses is only going to last for a very limited time. Of course, this research was also not conducted before authorization. 

A chronically ill child, that requires many visits to the doctor’s office can develop phobias, such as needle phobia, Nosocomephobia (or “white coat syndrome”, or Hemophobia or even Latrophobia. What does it do to a child to be taken to a clinic to be vaccinated – a painful procedure, week after week? To endure side-effects from a vaccine week after week? Then top this off with the 70+ other vaccines on the pediatric schedule? When does it end? To go through these procedures for a disease that is no more severe than the common cold? 

Governor DeSantis again has it right.

It is time to stop. Parents must stop. The time is now to just say no.


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