Europe’s So-Called ‘Green Energy’ Revolution Is Backfiring Spectacularly

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lights out

For years in their quest to claim “green” energy status, European leaders have shut off their own domestic production of oil and gas in favor of a pipeline from Russia.

Their goal has been to lower emissions and claim energy moral superiority while rejecting the reality that modern societies cannot function without fossil fuels. [bold, links added]

Now, as Russia wages a war on Ukraine and uses gas production as a weapon against the West, European countries are starting to see their so-called “green” energy revolution backfire in a spectacular fashion.

Germany will restart coal-fired power plants and offer incentives for companies to curb natural gas consumption, marking a new step in the economic war between Europe and Russia,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Berlin unveiled the measures Sunday after Russia cut gas supplies to Europe last week as it punched back against European sanctions and military support for Ukraine.”

“Russia’s gradual cutting of gas supplies has raised the specter of a potential fuel shortage if Europe goes into winter with less-than-full stowages. It has also raised prices, putting additional pressure on economies that are already struggling with high inflation and rising borrowing costs and face the prospect of a recession,” the report continues.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden continues to plunge the United States into economic ruin by pursuing his alternative energy agenda, which has already led to record gas prices and a looming national security crisis through the depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

While vowing to destroy the oil and gas industry in the U.S., Biden is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia next month in pursuit of increased oil production and supply.

Like virtue-signaling European leaders, Biden knows the U.S. needs oil but refuses to allow it to be produced domestically in order to maintain “moral superiority” on the issue of carbon emissions.

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