Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Counters Popular Climate Myths On TNT Radio



Joe Bastardi is one of our favorite meteorologists and a prominent skeptic of human-made global warming.

Bastardi has appeared on the Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show and he’s very good at explaining complex things in layman’s terms.

Here he joins Deprogram with Michael Parker on TNT Radio.

Bastardi is one of the most experienced meteorologists in the world today. His knowledge of past major events puts in perspective the extreme weather events seen today, that they are nothing new, and are used to justify spending trillions of dollars.

Of course, the climate is changing, and with the many natural influences constantly in play, it always will.

Thanks to an ever-fluctuating level of activity in the large natural drivers that have always controlled it, such as our Sun, the oceans, stochastic events, and the very design of the system itself, climate change is natural.

He discusses the climate emergency that was just enacted in South Australia and how he expects it to come to more Western nations. He hopes he’s wrong. 

Bastardi covers a wide range of climate and weather topics, from the Texas blackout to the fallacy of renewables to the media’s culpability in pushing the catastrophic climate change lie through acts of omission and commission. LISTEN:

Bastardi’s latest book (pictured above)The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War, is available now.

See more at TNT Radio Live

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