Delusional USA

Retired US general Mark Hertling reflects Pentagon inferiority  compared to Russian military superiority.

Commenting on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, he tweeted the following perversion of reality on the ground days earlier:

“Severodonetsk, Popasna, Dibrivne (near Izyum), Rubizhne, Zaporizhzyha have all seen this punch-counterpunch action (sic).”

“It’s a heavyweight boxing match (sic).”

“In…months of fighting, there has not yet been a knockout blow (sic).”

“It will come, as RU forces become more depleted (sic).”

Repeating what I earlier stressed, with generals like Hertling and likeminded ones, it’s clear why hegemon USA hasn’t won a war since WW II.

Straightaway after Russia’s SMO began, Ukraine’s poorly trained and motivated, largely conscript military, was doomed to defeat by overpowering Russian strength and tactical superiority.

No “draining” of Russian forces occurred at any time, as Hertling falsely claimed by separate tweet.

There’s been no “grow(th) (of drained Ukrainian) resources.”

What Hertling called “a slugfest” has been one-sided in favor of overpowering Russian military strength.

Saying there’s been no “advancement on one side or the other” ignored Russian control over Ukraine’s south and east, territory much larger than all of Great Britain.

And this Hertling perversion of reality — falsely claiming that Kiev has an advantage of greater “will and morale” when evidence shows polar opposite is true.

Using a small fraction of its military capabilities, Russia greatly degraded Ukraine’s military to where it’s virtually on life support near collapse.

And no matter how much more in the way of weapons et al provided by the US/West, nothing will turn things around for Kiev’s defeated military.

According to Russia’s National Defense Management Center chief, Mikhail Mizintsev:

Moscow’s database includes 2,758,447 evacuation requests to Russian controlled territory or to Donbass by Ukrainians under Nazified rule who want out.

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry:

Ukrainian “reserves to replenish losses have been exhausted.” 

“Territorial Defense battalions, arriving from Ukraine’s western camps for reinforcement, refuse to move to the front line.”

“In the Soledar tactical group’s zone of responsibility, servicemen of the 101th Ukrainian Territorial Defense Brigade announced that they did not want to take part in the hostilities and headed to the tactical rear area on their own.”

“More than 600 servicemen bowed out” — refusing to be cannon fodder for Kiev.

Russia’s overpowering SMO is ongoing “across a 900 mile front,” analyst Larry Johnson explained, adding:

It “stretches from Kharkov in the north, (through Donbass and) Odessa” in Ukraine’s southwest. 

Along with its liberating campaign, Moscow is “feeding hundreds of thousands of civilians left homeless because of the fighting” and providing other humanitarian aid. 

Calling US intelligence (the CIA specifically) a “purple haired clown show” for calling Russia a “hollow force” is one example among others of “empty noggins of the morons masquerading as (Langley) intelligence analysts.”

On all things Russia, they’ve gotten one thing after another wrong as its military continues to batter and beat outclassed, out-maneuvered and outwitted Ukrainian troops and their US handlers.

The notion of Ukraine prevailing over vastly superior Russian military strength is delusional.

According to Johnson, “(t)he ignorance of US military commanders and oxymoronically named intelligence community is breathtaking.”

It doesn’t “have a damn clue” about reality on the ground.

Calling Russian forces “hollowed” out is utter “nonsense.”

They’re overwhelmingly winning at their own pace what Ukraine lost virtually straightaway after Russia launched its SMO.

Virtually everything claimed about Russia’s campaign by the empire of lies, its so-called intelligence community and MSM press agents has been wrong.

Russia’s SMO proved its military superiority over Western regimes — notably the Pentagon.

With a bloated annual budget over tenfold greater than what Russia spends, it’s way outclassed by the latter’s military superiority.

Its state-of-the art weapons and tactical superiority exceed the best in the West.

And the gap between both sides continues to widen in Russia’s favor.

A same-day article discussed Russia’s soon to be deployed Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles — able to strike multiple targets with nuclear warheads anywhere worldwide.

They’re superior to anything in the West.

So is Russia’s S-500 air defense system — in production and ready for deployment.

According to Vladimir Putin:

It’ll “determine the combat capabilities of the army and the navy for years and decades to come.”

With a range of up to 600 km (nearly 375 miles), it can intercept and destroy ICBMs traveling at hypersonic speed.

When fully deployed, they’ll provide unmatched protection for Russian territory.

And in the future, for other nations purchasing the system.

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