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Snake Island Round Two

In early May, a foiled harebrained attack on tiny Russian-controlled Snake Island cost Ukraine 50 or more lost troops, 30 UAVs, 10 helicopters, four warplanes and three vessels, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

Following orders from his Western handlers, Zelensky ordered the suicide mission — even though the 0.17 square km in size island has no strategic value.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry at the time, the attack was a “mindless” PR stunt with no chance of succeeding.

So how did Ukraine react? 

On Monday, it tried the same stunt again with predicable results — what Russia’s Defense Ministry called a “new crazy attempt” to repeat failure, adding:

The puppet Zelensky regime used around 15 UAVs, Tochka-U tactical ballistic missiles, Uragan rocket artillery, US-provided M777 howitzers and S-300 anti-aircraft systems in preparation for a planned amphibious attack on the island. 

Russian air defenses once again foiled the harebrained scheme doomed to fail.

They destroyed at least 13 Ukrainian UAVs, four missiles, and 21 rocket artillery projectiles — preventing an amphibious assault on the island.

According to NYT fake news, “Ukrainian forces launched a renewed assault on Snake Island in the Black Sea (sic).”

They “us(ed) Western anti-ship weapons that threaten to undermine Russian naval domination (sic).”

“The Ukrainian military’s southern command said late on Tuesday that it was using ‘various forces and methods of destruction’ to attack Russian infrastructure on Snake Island (sic).”

The attack on the island was entirely foiled like the earlier one in May.

No “destr(uction)” of a Russian air defense system was achieved, nor a Russian radar installation, vehicles or anything else on the island.

Times reported claims by Kiev’s military were bald-faced Big Lies like all other fake news about Russia’s SMO. 

And this Times perversion of reality, citing a so-called BoJo regime “analysis:”

“Ukrainian coastal defense capabilities have now ‘largely neutralized’ Russia’s ability to project maritime force in the northwestern Black Sea (sic).”

Russian forces control most of eastern and southern Ukraine, areas they liberated from the scourge of Nazified rule.

Separately, the Times once again falsely accused Russia of blockading Ukrainian grain exports — citing no evidence because no blockade exists.

Global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA.

Instead of explaining the diabolical scheme, the Biden regime, its Western vassals and MSM press agents falsely continue to blame Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

According to the World Food Program:

“The world is facing a global hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions in 2022, and we are at a critical crossroads.”

“Either we rise to the challenge of meeting immediate needs at scale, while at the same time supporting programs that build long-term resilience, or the world will face even bigger problems down the line.”

“(U)p to 811 million people go to bed hungry every night.”

“The number of those facing acute food insecurity has more than doubled.”

“A total of 50 million people are facing emergency levels of hunger in 45 countries.”

“In just two years, the number of severely food insecure people has increased by more than 200 million from 135 million (in 53 countries) to 345 million in 82 countries.”

What’s going on has nothing to do with Russia’s SMO — everything to do with diabolical US/Western schemes to benefit privileged interests at the expense of most others.

In recent months, scores of US food processing facilities and warehouses were incinerated or damaged by so-called mysterious — not likely “accidental” — fires.

And this from the fake Biden on Tuesday:

“We need more money to plan for the second (fake) pandemic (sic).” 

“There’s going to be another (fake) pandemic.”

The only pandemics around were made-in-the-USA by kill shots, sanctions and hot wars, along with the risk of hegemon USA crossing the line to direct confrontation with Russia — the risk of humanity destroying nuclear war if launched by the empire of lies.

Will Russia’s response to Ukraine’s attack on its “gas extraction infrastructure in the northwestern part of the Black Sea” push things closer to full-scale war enough to involve US-dominated NATO directly?

Events since the US 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev headed things in this direction by perpetual aggression on Donbass by Ukrainian foot soldiers, ones controlled by the empire of lies now waging proxy war on Russia.

Ahead of US November midterms with Republicans heavily favored to gain control over both houses of Congress, will dominant Biden regime hardliners change the subject by shifting from proxy war on Russia to direct East/West confrontation?

Will an October surprise risk the unthinkable — possible nuclear war between nations controlling the vast majority of these WMDs and delivery systems able to strike anywhere with devastating force?

Is that where Biden regime dark forces are heading things in a bid to retain power?

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