Ashley Biden Was Molested by Joe Biden: Diary Should Be Used as Evidence in Criminal Trial

Stew Peters wants to know how Ashley Biden’s diary is being used by the FBI to harass the woman who found it after Ashley left it behind at a halfway house for drug addicts, rather than to prosecute Joe Biden for child sexual abuse?

Patrick Howley joins Stew to say, “Joe Biden is being blackmailed. Do you understand that? That’s why he’s a puppet. Now, if we can get the information that Jack Maxey has off the Hunter Biden laptop out to the public, then…how can you blackmail Sleepy Joe anymore?”

He continues, “So, find a sheriff in the United States of America that, for journalistic reasons will allow the criminality…that’s on this material to be released in the journalistic interest, realizing that it’s the Biden family that’s committing these crimes.

“And we will learn about Hunter Biden’s relationship with Beau’s daughter, Natalie, born in 2004, and we already know, because a lot of this stuff has already come out.

“And of course, his relationship with Beau’s widow and the underage sex acts that allegedly were being used by Hunter Biden TO BLACKMAIL HIS FATHER!

“That’s the story! Hunter Biden was running a sex blackmail operation on his own family!

“He was uploading videos to pornographic sites – he TOLD his father that he was uploading videos to pornographic sites – his father knew about his relationship with Natalie Biden, his niece, OK? And this was a blackmail operation on his own father!…

“That’s the story and it’s a National Security Threat because bad people know about it, including the Chinese Communist Party…

“If you’re watching right now and you’re a Constitutional sheriff, contact [email protected] and I’m working with Jack Maxey and so, Jack Maxey has this information, I have the credibility, we’re gonna do this, we’re going to make sure that there’s a sheriff in this country, where we can get Jack into the county – we can do it on the Stew Peters Show! – we can get Jack into that county and we can get this information out there…

“We need a sheriff right here, in the United States of America. Contact [email protected]”.

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