Exclusive: FBI Agents and National Archives Goon Are Harassing 2020 Michigan Trump Electors

by Ben Wetmore, The Gateway Pundit:

A ‘Special Agent’ with the National Archives is approaching and harassing 2020 Trump electors in Michigan today on behalf of the January 6th Committee. One elector has been served a subpoena by the FBI for the January 6th committee, an anti-Trump witch hunt that continues harassing Trump supporters.

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This is likely in response to the claims by Democrats that Trump electors committed ‘fraud’ in 2020 when they submitted an alternative slate of electors after the rampant uninvestigated fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. This allegation about ‘fraudulent electors’ has been repeated enough times on Twitter and in the media that many overlook the claim by the Trump electors that they were merely proposing an alternative slate so that authorities would have the ability to look into the systemic voter fraud allegations that were never investigated.

The Agent contacting and threatening 2020 Trump electors is David Stupar, whose business card is above. National Archives Agent Stupar is a glorified librarian without any meaningful legal authority.

Even though the mainstream media continues to prefer to call allegations and evidence of fraud in the 2020 election as ‘the big lie’ the persecution and prosecution of those who attempted to stand up and challenge the official election narrative continues. Unable to convince over half of Americans who know there was voter fraud in 2020, the government has resorted to one of its favored tactics to silence dissent: persecution.

Reports are that one elector has already been served with a subpoena today by the National Archives ‘Special Agent’ and two FBI Agents from Flint who are accompanying him. The elector served, Kathy Berden, has not responded to a request for comment. Elector Amy Facchinello was also served.

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