A Lightworkers Dream: One Child, One Heart, One Love

Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 24, 2022

A Lightworkers Call: Living in the Darkness as a Being of Light!

Do you want to hear about something so incredible you won’t believe it. I can’t force you to believe it has to come from within. When you are connected to Source…GOD … you just know what you know! You don’t question it. So much is going to come out soon and you will feel like it will break you. Truth hurts but it is the truth and we have to shine the light on the darkness to transform it, otherwise, the darkness still lives in the shadows. So it must be exposed. And it will hurt to see the truth. The truth of what ‘humans’ have done to other humans.

On the other hand your reality will feel surreal but I promise you it won’t last long. Just breathe and believe that life will be better. I can promise you that it will blow your mind how beautiful it will be. I have seen it all my life in visions. There are many of us lightworkers who have been raising the vibration of this beautiful earth for decades getting ready for ascension and even for our Mother Gaia. We hear her cries.  So, I choose peace, I choose love, I choose balance, I choose wholeness. It’s a conscious choice to be free and that is powerful! You have much more control than you realize.  Much more control than you have been told all your life.  If you follow your pathway I can promise you that you will never be alone either consciously or unconsciously. You will be guided all the way. All you need to do is listen.

I personally have been working on this consciously for all of my adult life almost 5 decades. I have lived my life with intention. I lived my life deliberately. I knew I had a purpose just not sure why exactly but I knew I would know as it got closer and 10 years ago I began to get a better picture.  As these years have passed and just in the last 4 years I have known exactly what my mission was and so I have co-founded a group on Telegram just over 1500 people of like-minded humanitarians who will change the world after the global currency reset which is imminent.  What will happen after that event will blow your minds.  

Can you imagine what ‘heaven on earth’ will look like? That’s a saying that was whispered to me since I was a kid by my Angels.  They had been prepping me my whole life using my life as an example. I spent the next 3 decades researching and teaching what I knew.

 I didn’t realize it then but I had been preparing people for what was coming but not because I knew exactly what it would look like but I prepared them so they would be emotionally strong to be able to go through whatever happened in their lives. Most people come to me when they were in crisis and wanted to learn how to transform that and then how to keep it from happening again. So I taught all that I had learned and I know many of these women and they are all super strong no matter what happened in their personal lives. I’m so proud of every one of them they all are amazing mothers! When you help one person you are actually helping their future generations.

I used to say that this world we are in is just an illusion and that we created it, so therefore, we can undo it but that we had to believe it first. It’s like if you don’t believe you won’t be successful. Who would hire you if you don’t believe in yourself? What you believed became part of your energy and that’s what moves mountains or not.

Do you know what this ascension is really about? Your ascension is about moving up. It’s like we have been working on our promotion.  I know at this time it doesn’t feel like it but you have been battered and abused by the systems you trusted in your world.

We, the lightworkers, come at the end of cycles. Broken systems crashing then we rebuild them. We know what to do because we have done this many times before.  As we ascend, we also help those around us. We are all on our own journey. It’s not about how fast we do things. The doing is super important and forgiveness is the quickest path to getting there. Sounds easy but it’s one of the most difficult thing for a human to do even if it means they can heal themselves.  Being in 3 dimension teaches us that we are not worthy or special in anyway. Actually, it’s quite the opposite of what we are taught.

Actually, during the pandemic we have been forced being locked down. Whole countries not just families! A very clear line of separation has ensued. So, social order must come down because we are not free and that is against our birthright! Since when can we not chose whether we want something done to our bodies or not. Why has that changed?

To me it’s very clear. Control! Our governments want to control you. They fill you with fear over and over all day, every day! So, of course those that didn’t do what you did, are now a threat to you.  Government told you what to believed like every other lie they told you because you were just following the rules whereas ‘the lightworkers’ are here to bust the truth wide open so you can see it. We don’t settle till things are on the right side of the truth.

Who is driving the wheels of government? The greater good of mankind have just rounded up souls and took them over and so they don’t feel empathy for others. It’s their way or the highway. I’m free. I was born free no matter what’s going on in my world. God’s natural law says I was born free. Government bodies want to control us and they are in cahoots with MSM corporations and even the medical system,  pharma, etc. I know how this sounds.  

But believe me when I say that they are all after one thing –> your soul.  Domination and control! You see there is no love in darkness and so there is no love which is lack of information. In your light you grow but in the darkness you stand still and don’t ascend ever. It’s a false reality but that’s what the third dimension is until you see your place in it. Then you will know what to do or at least search for answers.

Their hunger for power continues and so domination and control satisfies them. Many are not humans and they work alongside us. These people usually rise in positions quickly. They are elected or appointed and with amazing credentials. Positive change is what we deserve but when they are in power nothing ever happens the way they promised. I’ve been listening to politician’s promises my whole adult life.Geesh that’s pushing five decades now! The damage has been done and it shows through illness and how so many healthy people are dying even children.  

People have been suffering so much from severe depression, and anxieties too. What happened to our joy? These elites have stolen your lives in every aspect and you just followed along and slowly they took it from you but because they told you that you might die you complied. You see ‘lightworkers’ always question and to be frank we don’t really comply if it doesn’t feel right. We can still think and feel and rationalize. Our cognitive thinking is not impaired whereas most of the people around me and including our families are in this other place and we still can’t reach them.  Some are dying and they still wouldn’t listen to us.  

I don’t care if I’m called crazy! Those asleep are at a standstill and they are most definitely disconnected from source. So of course they couldn’t work on their spirituality and that was the point because if they did they wouldn’t be stuck now. It’s so sad and it’s a trap. Suicide rates are up and all the emotional illness’ are over the top. What do they do then… give you more medical poison and tell you that you will be fine. Just be a good boy or good girl and take your medicine which cuts you off more from everything that you loved. Then the addiction also goes up because that’s how most people cope but they cannot create anything positive for themselves.

Death is the only way out for them. They think. They actually have been taken over by the dark and don’t know it even if you try to tell them. They are mind controlled.  I know how this sounds. But I am not crazy I’m a systems buster. I’m here to do what they cannot do. I stand up and even scream I have a right to be free! I am a child of God and I was born free! I will say that as much as I have to and I will never stop fighting for what is right!

Another way to think about this is that those asleep have a different program. You are not speaking their language and so they don’t hear you. Their cognitive ability is impaired because they are programmed but they can’t see it. Though I feel that they can feel it on some level? They are helpless like an infant.   

Ascension is part of our divine consciousness. Those that have chosen to awaken in this lifetime become aligned to their divine blueprint. Many are becoming cognizant of their souls path. Ascension was never meant to go this long but many are asleep and are being herded up. They believe what they are told.  They are not interested in the truth because you are not speaking to their souls but to the AI program they have been connected to over their lifetime. Lightworkers you see never give their power to another. The only ‘power’ we listen to is Source… God!

The tides have turned and mass ascension has finally begun. Mass awakenings are happening because of the pandemic but it served to cleanse humanity. The opposite effect has happened. The darkness sent fear into your veins but ascension is about unity and love.  You need a higher level of awareness to understand what is really going on. We have to exist in both the chaos and confusion and be cognizant of your ascension path.

Love is all there is. If you work from the heart there is no hidden agenda. You are a divine being having a human experience. Everything else is illusion. Whatever you believe you create. Your soul purpose is not fear and manipulation. It is about our decisions and reactions to what is going on around us.  You must rise above and see the bigger picture not what’s happening in front of you because that is just the 3D  illusion!

Create the life you desire for yourself and your family. That’s why we are breaking these chains of control and injustice. Only you can do this but we have our angels and galactic family here to help us. You are not alone even if you feel you are. You just need to ask for help and your Angels will hear your call but you must ask first they cannot intervene on your behalf until you do. We are here to grow and they are here to help us and guide us on our paths no matter what is happening. That’s their mission and they take it seriously. You do not ever walk alone. Do what makes you happy not what someone wants you to do.

Say to yourself that you chose joy. I will not and have never let anyone take away my joy. Neither, would I ever let anything or anyone stop me from smiling again. I won’t let anyone stop me from being happy. We are evolving spiritually, emotionally and ethereally.  Just keep raising your vibration by always being positive and helping others. Spread your joy, your love, and your light around. The world literally needs it and feels it.

Have confidence that you can have whatever you envision. Go on and let life bring you all the many joys that are your birthright!  You deserve it and you have worked for it. Now this is your gift like an upgrade or a promotion like I said earlier. Even in our fear we can be courageous. Just be who you are! Don’t empower what took away your joy.

Everything deserves your love but don’t put it where it can come back to bite you. Be discriminating where and who you spend your time with. Be with those people like you. Be with courageous people even in fear. You came to work on whatever is eternal for you in different ways. We all experience it differently and that’s ok. It will improve your life. Don’t define yourself in everything. True love is shared love. Don’t focus on one moment or one person. Extend your light to all!

If you are looking for people like you and you have a dream then the World Benevolence group is where you need to be. This group has so many like-minded humanitarians and they knew that’s what they are. They knew they were here to do something and that we are all on a mission. We are a large soul family who have come together to help humanity in whatever way we can. Together we will build our true birthright and with so much love.

When it’s time to know more information it will be given to us. Everything is provided to realize your dream. Do you dare to come and live your dream? If so, then you can contact Luna who helps people realize what their mission is even if they don’t have a clue what it could be. She connects you with your inner joy. You can reach her at luna@worldbenevolencegroup.ca

Are you ready to live working from your heart every day? No more 9-5 work. When you can be in your heart it is your joy that shows. Are you ready to connect with others who have awakened the light within?

Even Mother Gaia is ascending with us. Change is in the air. The times they are a changing as Bob Dylan’s song said. It vibration-ally is changing and you are changing with it like it or not it will happen with you or without you. So why not choose to grow and be all that you came here to be?

Freedom consciousness is done subtly but courageously. We need everyone to be on board. They are not concepts. You were born free and that is not for someone take it away from you. You are already free by being One with Source. Freedom is a divine law though we are not yet experiencing it. We need everyone to attain that consciousness together.  Innate freedom will continue to blossom as long as we are free. 

Always trust your intuition to guide you. The difficult experiences manifest for everyone. They are not accidental. The higher self knows what you need to learn.  Come on be courageous and just be YOU!

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


World Benevolence Group (WBG)
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