Reality in Ukraine and Donbass v. MSM Fake News

Russian forces are shellacking Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops into submission or annihilation whichever occurs first.

Yet followers of MSM fake news are mind-manipulated daily to believe otherwise.

According to NYT propaganda — citing a former Ukrainian war minister — Russia’s weeks-long campaign to liberate Donbass reflects “a measure of success for Ukraine’s (teetering toward collapse) military.”

Why according to the above illogic?

Because Kiev’s troops “held out for a month and a half (sic),” adding:

Russian forces are “on the brink of their capabilities (sic).”

“The fact that we are holding them so long is an achievement (sic).”

“We are wearing them out (sic).”

Ignored by the above rubbish is how Russia is waging its liberating SMO.

Using a small fraction of its military strength and advanced weapons, Russian forces are proceeding methodically to avoid civilian casualties.

Moscow wants civilian infrastructure protected.

If its forces conducted its SMO in similar fashion to US/NATO shock and awe tactics — uncaring about mass casualties and the rule of law — Ukraine’s military would have been hollowed out to inoperability in a matter of days.

In stark contrast to how the US/West long ago abandoned the rule law, Russia respects it, and it shows in how it’s liberating Ukraine from the scourge of Nazism, according to what the UN Charter permits.

And this Times perversion of reality on Thursday, saying:

“The battle for Severodonetsk and Lisichansk left Russian and Ukrainian armies severely depleted.”

The above applies to degraded and beaten Ukrainian troops alone.

Up against overpowering Russian military strength, Kiev’s Nazified and conscript forces are on life support near collapse. 

Ukraine alone sustained many thousands of casualties, hundreds more daily.

In Donbass, Russian forces are pummeling Ukrainian troops with long-range precision artillery.

Donetsk and Lugansk forces are doing most of the ground fighting —  greatly aided by Russian airpower and intelligence.

Liberation of Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation is just a matter of time, what’s likely in the coming weeks.

Yet MSM rubbish like the following appears daily:

Ukraine’s virtually defeated troops are “tak(ing) advantage of stretched Russian forces (sic) to set the stage for (nonexistent) counter offensives around Kherson in the south and Kharkov in the northeast (sic).”

And this rubbish:

Continued “flow of Western weapons might alter the strategic balance” — on paper alone, far removed from reality on the ground.

And this puppet Zelensky perversion of reality — scripted for him to recite by his US master, saying:

Russia’s “goal…remains the same…to destroy Donbass step by step (sic).”

Moscow’s “goal” is liberating Donetsk and Lugansk entirely from the scourge of US/NATO-supported  occupation by Nazified thugs.

And this MSM rubbish:

“Moscow and Vladimir Putin face growing dissent and dwindling resources (sic).”

According to BoJo regime fake news:

“New Russian recruits receive only three to seven days of training before being sent to the most active sectors of the front (sic).”

The regime’s owned and operated BBC reported the above perversion of reality, along with similar fake news about Russia’s military and SMO.

Calling its state-approved propaganda “news you can trust (and) use” — no matter how false and misleading — the beeb reinvented reality on the ground in liberated Mariupol on Thursday with the following fake news, saying:

“While Moscow tries to airbrush history (sic), it offers a future of misery to the (city’s) residents it falsely claims to have liberated (sic).”

Virtually all its reports on Russia and Ukraine — on Thursday and everyday — stick strictly to the fabricated official narrative over reality on the ground.

And this from the beeb and other MSM on Thursday:

The BoJo regime imposed more illegal sanctions on Russia, a statement saying:

They prohibit the export of various goods, including technology allegedly related to the development and production of chemical and biological weapons — used by US/Western regimes and apartheid Israel, not Russia.

And this BoJo regime fake news:

Russia could “exhaust (its military) resources by August (sic),” according to an unnamed regime official.

Exhaustion is what Ukraine faces, not Russia.

After months of relentless pummeling of its military, it’s too battered and exhausted for restoration to normality.

And this WaPo fake news on Thursday — comparing caricature of a leader/worlds apart from the real thing Zelensky to Britain’s Winston Churchill.

Kiev persists in calling on US/Western regimes to send more weapons because Russia destroys most of what crosses into Ukrainian territory.

MSM ignore the above and what Lugansk’s Interior Minister, Vitaly Kiselyov, explained on Thursday, saying:

So-called Ukrainian territorial defense troops are “surrender(ing)” in large numbers.

They’re sent to front line positions poorly trained “without weapons, foodstuffs and clothes.”

“They surrender to survive.”

Otherwise they’re doomed to die.

And this from Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday:

Hegemon USA is involved in aiding Kiev recruit foreign mercenaries, part of the Biden regime’s aim to perpetuate conflict in Ukraine and Donbass.

Commenting on what’s going on, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“US citizens (are) being recruited and transferred to Ukraine…Donetsk…and…Lugansk…to participate in hostilities, with the complicity of” the Biden regime and CIA.

Most Americans heading to Ukraine are “white supremac(ists), intending “to fight on the side…of Azov” and other Nazi thugs.

Calling them “foreign volunteers” by the Zelensky regime is “particularly cynical.”

Hardcore US extremists who survive their ordeal in Ukraine and return home will “pose a direct threat to the lives and security of US citizens,” Zakharova stressed.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies is indifferent toward the lives and well-being of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

It poses an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere — especially the criminal gang of usurpers in charge of running things now.

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