Report: Alexa working on allowing conversations with dead relatives

from WND:

If the report this week from the South China Morning Post, about Chinese inventors creating a machine to detect when people are watching porn, wasn’t creepy enough, this next development will be.

According to the Sun, Alexa could be getting a new feature that would let you talk to a dead relative.


As in deceased.

The report called the idea “creepy,” but said it anyway is being tested.

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It is intended to “speak to you in the voice of deceased friends, family or loved ones.”

It is Sky News that detailed the announcement about the planned feature during a conference in Las Vegas.

Rohit Prasad, a spokesman for Amazon, apparently explained is is to “make the memories last.”

The software apparently, after hearing someone’s voice for less than a minute, can simulate that voice when speaking.

“The U.S. retail giant then showed off a video segment portraying a child who asks Alexa if ‘grandma can finish reading me the Wizard of Oz?’ before the AI assistant affirms the command and changes her voice,” the report explains.

There was no word on when the feature would be available to consumers.

WND had reported only a day earlier on that Chinese “mind-reading” tool.

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