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For some time I’ve been watching the geopolitics of the western Pacific basin with some interest, because it has seemed highly implausible if not highly improbable that the major powers of that region would simply sit idly by, watching Communist China arm itself to the teeth, and do nothing, and rely on such a dubious ally as the USSA and its now almost fully woke “military” for their defense. Indeed, I argued that under former Japanese premier Shinzo Abe, that Japan was launching out on its own course of rearmament and diplomacy, but doing so under the guise of being a better ally to America.  In my opinion, this “narrative” or spin is exactly that, something that is being said to quell American fears, while privately acknowledging what everyone knows: America is in irreversible decline, its woke military cannot win anything, and it is at best an unreliable ally, willing to defend other allies – like the Ukraine – to the very last Ukrainian.


Publicly, there is of course an endless chatter of support for the USSA and its policies; privately the chatter cannot overcome what is self-evident: the political leadership in charge of the USSA and the West – principally Europe – is just plain nuts and suicidal.  For allies like Japan, India, or Taiwan, this state of affairs cannot persist, and has been recognized for a long time.

Which is why I found the following article shared by K.M., with whom I’ve had many discussions about this new geopolitical reality particularly with respect to Taiwan, so relevant:

Taiwan’s Missiles Can Strike Beijing, Three Gorges Dam, Island’s Politician Says

I found this article intriguing, because it is open public confirmation of a speculation I have publicly advanced in recent months, namely, that Communist China would be opening a Pandora’s Little Box of Horrors if it attempted to invade Taiwain, because the Taiwanese had a target-rich environment to choose from to complicate life for Communist China, and could do so without any resort to nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction:

A top politician in Taiwan warned that the island’s government had missiles capable of targeting Beijing, and that it would defend itself from an invasion by China’s communist regime.

You Si-kun, president of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, said that Taiwan had supersonic cruise missiles capable of striking Beijing should China’s communist regime invade.

“Yun Feng missiles can already hit Beijing,” You said. “Taiwan has the ability to attack Beijing.”

The Yun Feng series of missiles are domestically produced in Taiwan. They were first publicly acknowledged in 2012 and entered mass production in 2019.

You, who served as premier of Taiwan in the early 2000s, said that he was not previously allowed to reveal the full capability of the missile to the public. Now that it was mass-produced, however, he said that its range was sufficient to reach China’s capital city of Beijing, as well as the Three Gorges Dam, which is the world’s largest power station.

Speaking with the Taiwan Overseas Network, You said that an examination of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine had led him to believe that the people of Taiwan needed to take a more active role in preparing for a communist invasion.

Moreover, he said, Taiwan must not depend on the nations of the world to save it. Instead, it must prepare to fight to the last bullet. “Self-help,” he said, was vital to showing the world that Taiwan was worth saving, as was demonstrated by the resistance against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The messaging here is not subtle, neither to Communist China, nor to the USA, nor is it meant to be subtle. To the USA the message is clear: you’re not reliable (not-agreement-capable as the Russians say), and therefore, we’re not going to rely on you, and will develop and deploy our own deterrents. To the Communist Chinese, the message is also clear: invade us, and say good bye to the Three Gorges Dam, and the vast flood plain below it, a flood plain impacting tens of millions of people. That blow alone would so impair and cripple the Chinese infrastructure that logistical support of an invasion of Taiwan might be, at best, impaired, and of a general war effort, severely impaired.

But there are also implied messages here, and Taiwan is simply being the messenger. These other messages are equally clear. They’re the messages primarily from New Delhi, and Tokyo, namely, “if Taiwan can do it, we can hit Beijing and the Three Gorges Dam too, and like Taiwan, we do not need nukes in either case.”  That is to say, the chances are very unlikely that Taipei made this announcement entirely on its own, without cluing in Tokyo and New Delhi.

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