Vaccinating children for covid was a mistake, admits Danish national health board

(Natural News) The government of Denmark made an oopsie when it decided to mass-inject children throughout the country for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), officials now admit.

Søren Brostrøm, director of the Danish National Board of Health, told the media that “we did not get much out of having children vaccinated against coronavirus last year.” If bureaucrats could do things all over again, he claims, children’s immune systems would have been let alone.

Untold millions of children there now have to live with that oopsie for the rest of their lives, but somehow this admission by Brostrøm makes everything a-okay, according to one article, because public confidence in the Danish National Board of Health has been preserved.

It is always interesting to see how some people gauge what constitutes a trustworthy government. One can apparently commit mass genocide, then later say oh, sorry, we just didn’t know and everything goes away. If a person did that, he would be tried for crimes against humanity.

Still, it is more than we can say for United States government agencies, which not only never admit they are wrong, but also almost always are wrong.

Can you imagine if Tony Fauci or Rochelle Walensky got up in front of the podium and said look America, we made a mistake and injected your children with death poison – we’re really sorry! First of all, that will never happen. Secondly, would it even suffice?

Is Denmark trying to get ahead of the narrative by apologizing early?

It almost seems as though the Danish government wants to beat the rush out the door by getting this out of the way sooner rather than later. As the world learns the truth about these shots, increasingly more people are demanding answers.


Perhaps it is just because we dwell within this corner of the internet that it seems like the whole narrative is falling apart now at warp speed. Or perhaps it really is falling apart and the powers that be know it.

Whatever the case may be, the truth is flowing, and it is undeniably obvious that the establishment is scrambling to come up with excuses as to why these experimental injections are killing people left and right.

This is all happening at the same time that this same establishment is aggressively pushing the shots on children young as six months, now. If ever chaos theory was on fully display, this is it.

In Denmark, the government claimed that all children five and up needed to get jabbed not because the shots would protect them, but supposedly to “ensure epidemic control” throughout the country.

Where they came up with that crazy idea remains unknown, and Brostrøm of course failed to address it. His only answer when pressed was to say that “with what we knew then,” it somehow made sense to push the shots on kids.

Christine Stabell Benn, a clinical professor at the University of Southern Denmark and a longtime critic of the jabs, publicly asked why, then, the Danish National Board of Health “put so much pressure on the parents” to get their children injected at that time.

“In addition, children were made responsible for the health of their parents and grandparents,” Benn added in a statement. “That, I think, is unreasonable.”

“I think there are a lot of parents left out there who say, ‘What was this all about?’” she went on to state. “There are many parents who have really struggled to get their children dragged down to the vaccination center, but to what use?”

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