Defeating the Scourge of Puppet Zelensky-Promoted Nazi Tyranny in Ukraine

Except for diehard Nazis holed up in Severodonetsk’s Azot plant, Russian and Lugansk forces liberated the city — Lisichansk to follow.

An estimated 2,000 Ukrainian Nazi thugs and likeminded foreign mercenaries are surrounded by Russian and Lugansk forces.

Their surrender or annihilation in just a matter of time could come in days and sooner.

And when accomplished, Lugansk will be virtually free from the US/Western-supported scourge of Nazified occupation and its state terror.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, trapped Nazified Ukrainian troops and foreign mercenaries in Lisichansk, Gorskoye and Zolotoye lost over 60% of their earlier strength.

Their elimination as a fighting force is virtually certain.

On Friday, Lugansk official, Vitaly Kiselev, said the following:

“A week or a week and a half at the most, and we will be through with Lisichansk.”

It’ll be liberated from Nazified occupation.

“All the villages and settlements around Lisichansk, up to the industrial zone, will be cleared.”

“Only Lisichansk and the Azot plant will remain to be liberated.”

Accomplishing this objective is virtually certain.

The Zelensky regime reportedly “ordered (the) redeploy(ment) (of reserves) from Odessa, Chernigov, the Poltava, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev regions to Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, (as well as) to reinforce Kramatorsk and Slavyansk.”

Lambs to the slaughter defines the harebrained action.

Concentrating Kiev troops and foreign mercenaries in areas of Russian military strength makes demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine easier.

It’s increasingly harder for US/Western MSM to deny reality on the ground.

Yet remarks like Ukrainian troops “are holding on…repelling the enemy’s onslaught…holding the defense” persist.

So is defying reality by saying that although “Russia is making incremental gains…its ability to capture Donbass remains very much in question (sic).”

Liberation of Lugansk and Donetsk, comprising Donbass, was certain before Russia’s SMO began.

Nearly all LPR and most DPR territory is already free from Nazified occupation.

Liberation entirely is coming ahead.

On Friday, around 600 Ukrainian troops surrendered near Lisichansk, many more sure to follow, choosing life over death.

Separately on Friday, the US/Western-controlled Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ignored Russia’s warning about preparations by Ukrainian Nazis to stage chemical provocations in Lugansk.

According to Moscow’s OPCW envoy, Alexander Shulgin:

“We drew their attention to the fact that containers with ammonium nitrate and nitric acid were being booby-trapped at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk in order to cause an industrial disaster and put the blame on Russia,” adding: 

“We also highlighted preparations taking place at other facilities in the so-called chemical industry triangle of Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Rubezhnoye.”

Yet Western regimes, mainly hegemon USA, controlling OPCW policymaking refused “to listen to the voice of reason as they keep making accusations against Russia, (falsely) claiming that it is us who are getting ready to use chemical weapons.”

At the same time, the Biden, BoJo and allied regimes are “feverishly providing Kiev with antidotes, chemical suits, test tubes and various chemical equipment, (while) encouraging (and aiding) Ukrainian (Nazis) to stage barbaric chemical provocations” against defenseless Donbass civilians.

Separately according to Swiss politician, Geneva Press Club founding member, former Tribune de Geneve editor-in-chief, Guy Mettan, the real Zelensky is worlds apart from how the US/West portrays him.

Straightaway after selected by hegemon USA as Ukraine’s new president, he breached virtually everything promised while campaigning.

Initially popular after replacing widely despised Poroshenko, his support plunged from 73% after taking office to 23% early this year.

Straightaway in office, he “launch(ed) a massive land privatization (giveaway) program,” Mettan explained. 

It “cover(ed) 40 million hectares of good agricultural land under the (phony) pretext that a moratorium on land sales would” come at the expense of lost billions of dollars in GDP. 

As ordered by his US master last year, he banned all things Russian by decree, harming millions of Ukrainians with Russian roots, ones located mainly in the east and south.

Under Nazified rule, Ukrainian corruption ranks with the world’s worst.

According to Mettan:

“Corruption is everywhere, in ministries, administrations, public companies, parliament, the police, and even in the High Court of Anti-Corruption Justice.”

Known embezzler of billions of dollars, Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, a figure residing in Geneva, is puppet Zelensky’s main sponsor — along with hegemon USA.

Kolomoisky is also “the main shareholder of the oil holding company, Burisma, which employed Joe Biden’s son Hunter for a modest compensation of $50,000 a month and which is now under investigation by the Delaware prosecutor.”

He reportedly paid Zelensky tens of millions of dollars to serve his interests, funds secreted abroad in tax haven accounts.

Zelensky not only profited hugely from deep-seated corruption, he allied with Ukraine’s far-right Nazi leaders.

He banned opposition political parties, shut down media critical of his regime, imprisoned lead opposition figure, Viktor Medvedchuk, and fosters internal state terror while waging war on Donbass.

Mettan also explained the following:

Zelensky-supported Nazi thugs “stripped…men and women…naked and whipped in public.”

Russian POWs are “beaten and shot in the legs before being executed.”

“On Ukraine’s 24 channel, head of the army’s medical service said he had given the order ‘to castrate all Russian men because they are subhuman and worse than cockroaches.”

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, countless atrocities were committed by dominant Nazis infesting Ukraine.

Zelensky benefitted hugely by  doing hegemon USA’s bidding, along with supporting Ukraine’s Nazi-infested rule.

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